10 January 2013

Quit smoking or die trying

Got carried away at the gym! But that is a great place to get carried away! :)) 

Then on my walk home I walked past a guy smoking... Guys & Gals smoking cigarettes is sooooo 80's give it up already! It is not doing your precious body ANY good at all. I mean I would understand if it gave you some special super powers or something but seriously! Not only does it make your mouth, hair, clothes & body reek like an ashtray, it is doing really BAD things to you! I know how hard it is when you get into a habit to break it especially smoking cigarettes - I used to smoke about 10 years ago! I would always be sick and fluey! But as soon as I gave it up I felt amazing. The best way to do it is to go down in milligrams to 1's and then to menthols and then cold turkey! Try it guys you will feel BRAND NEW! 


1. You will breathe easier
2. To protect your health and eyesight and to reduce your chances of getting lung cancer, emphysema, and other lung diseases, to prevent a heart attack or a stroke
3. To protect the health of others
4. To save money
5. To smell better
6. To start a trend
7. For clearer skin
8. To prevent pregnancy issues or infertility
9. To prevent wrinkles - especially around your mouth - not attractive
10. It's the smart thing to do

This has been a community service announcement written by Angel Champion for the health and wellness of human beings! :) ❤

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