5 June 2012


I am convinced this show called THE VOICE is the best reality show to hit AUSTRALIAN TV. The Voice is a GREAT platform to showcase the AMAZING talent Australia has to offer to the world.

The format of the show is on point and the combination of judges is perfect. Seal just has that certain class about him, Keith Urban is just so honest and loveable, Joel Madden is so funny and has those true rockstar qualities and Delta Goodrem looks stunning every week.  Together they make it work.

I like the fact that the judges get to save a contestant every week, but I think it is important  that every contestant works for their place.

In particular SYDNEY has produced some awesome competitors for this show (I'm not bias, well ok maybe I am a little bit!). 

So having said that I would like to focus this blog on some of the NSW talent of the contestants left on THE VOICE AU, mainly because I am a Sydney girl and I know a few of them.

Co-incidently one contestant from each team.

Prinnie Stevens
The Voice Australia

Joel Madden describes her as "pulverising and ambitious". I tend to agree.  

This diva has been in the game for a very long time and has just kept going and going, that is admirable.

There is no doubt Prinnie is in this competition to win it or at the very least gain as much exposure so she can have a successful international career in music.

I think she is in with a definite chance as long as Joel picks a power song for her in the coming weeks.  

For me her best performance to date was in the battle against Mahalia Barnes, and I told her this, she sang her heart out and you could see she really wanted to make it through. 

Prinnie has shown her dancing and all round entertainer abilities, but now Australia needs to really hear her voice which I have heard grow over the years. Prinnie needs to connect with the audience both in front of her and on television and hopefully move us through her delivery of the songs.

I really hope she gets this opportunity.

CALL - 1902 55 95 01
SMS PRINNIE TO - 199 55 999


I just love Glenno. He is such a great guy and a real professional to deal with.

I love going to watch Glenn play live shows around Sydney, you can feel the passion he has for music when he sings.

On the show he has definitely pushed himself out of his comfort zone, without the guitar in his hand and showing us some of his moves.

I loved his version of Closer by one of my favourite artists Neyo.

I really hope Glenn goes far in this comp and am so happy the whole of Australia got to see the GC.

CALL - 1902 55 95 07
SMS GLENN - 199 55 999


Diana Rouvas blew me away when she sang Beyonce's "Love on Top".  

She definitely made her mark in the comp. with her rendition of that song and is a major contender.

Then that TOUCHING performance of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me", you could see the passion in her eyes, Diana performed that better than the original version.

I appreciate Diana's ability to connect with a song and deliver the emotion she feels to the audience.

Diana has amazing vocals, I think now she needs to showcase her performance side and Australia needs to see more of her personality.

CALL - 1902 55 95 05
SMS DIANA - 199 55 999

WOW is all I can say when I hear Karise Eden sing.  I had the privelege of  hearing this voice  a year ago at a one of the Musicians Making A Difference (MMAD) camps for troubled and homeless kids, when Karise stepped on stage with her guitar and opened her mouth everyone in the room did the same, (opened their mouths in awe). 

I cannot begin to explain what her voice sounds like LIVE. 

I am not entirely sure if this competition is purely based, on THE VOICEif it is Karise would definitely have to win it.  She has the most unique voice in the competition.

It is so wonderful that she has been given this opportunity, her life story is so sad, and you can hear the pain in her voice when she sings.  But for all the things she has been through, Karise has been given an amazing gift in return.

I really hope she is able to make a living from music, because music saved Karise Eden's life.

CALL - 1902 55 95 02
SMS KARISE - 199 55 999

Other contestants I also love are Darren Percival a man who sings from and with heart, Fatai Veamatahau a voice & soul from heaven, Sarah De bono - I love that hair and her voice is a powerhouse and of course the real living ANGEL Rachel Leahcar, when I hear her talk and sing I am speechless.

I had also really had hoped Mahalia Barnes made it through and Carmen Smith was still in the comp, because those ladies can BLOW.

I hope The Voice comes back next year and remains as popular, but perhaps they can move it to a Sunday 7:30pm time slot - I am almost certain that will boost the ratings.

I love it that Faustina is back on TV, she is looking good.  They need to give her a more prominent part though, Aussie TV needs a bit of colour.

No matter who wins, I am really glad there is competition like this to showcase our local talent to the world and I just hope the record label markets them right and they are able to establish a long term international career from it.

Can I just say that I L❤VE the logo for THE VOICE as it stands for the universal sign for PEACE and many people find peace in music.

The best thing we can do is Vote, buy their music & find out where they are gigging and support them.


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