7 January 2013

2013 - Changing my lifestyle

I've always had to watch my weight and watch what I eat and drink! It's never been easy for me.. My sisters and brothers have better metabolisms than mine just like my father. I'm more like my mother.  

So the last 6 months due to constant neck pain, lack of exercise & eating and drinking things which contain way too much sugar I let go and am now 10 kilos heavier than I have ever been in my entire life and I constantly feel exhausted! 

So this month I begin my healthy eating & exercise campaign! Personal training session booked in Rapid Personal Training I am ready! :)

Here are my goals:

1. Drop 10 Kilos
2. Increase Energy levels
3. Increase fitness
4. Increase Strength
5. Muscle Toning
6. Healthier Eating

I will be publishing daily updates on my progress and eating plan on The Secret Life of Angel and I will include before during and after photos.

Wish me luck! :))


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