10 January 2013

Day 4 - Healthy Living

Day 4 of my healthy living plan and I am feeling fabulous.  I had my first PT session today at 8:15 am and it was great! It wasn't too hard due to my myriad of injuries and aches and pains! My trainer Olga Bokalova from Rapid Personal Training is really lovely and she wants to start me slow with the training. She is making some changes to my diet as well. ( I need someone nice - I'm precious) :)

I also went to the Chiropractor, alot of issues to sort out, but I feel better already!

Check out today's diet! Yummo! 


Breakfast: Carmens Muesli with a dash of no fat milk, seeds and nuts, 1 x Skim Cappuccino + 1 sugar

Snack: 1 Green Apple
Lunch: 1 x 220g Grilled Steak served with green beans

Snack: 1 x peach

Dinner: 1 x Grilled home cooked Portuguese chicken breast served with steamed veggies

 1 scoop of no fat vanilla ice cream, 3 x dried apricots

Naughties: 2 x No fat snakes

30 minute fast walk on the treadmill, minimal weights at the gym

I drank water and hot water with lemon all day.

"Those who don't make time for exercise when they are younger, will need to make time for illness when they are older."


Lunch, Dinner Dessert

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