29 March 2012


Thanks so much for time today.  I am really happy to be interviewing you!

I really love the range you did for the Kardashian Leopard Kollection.

It is great to see a local designer doing so well globally in a competitive market.

For the purpose of this interview, I would like to give my readers insight as to what goes through a designers mind when creating concepts and then how to make a design a globally sort after brand and product.

When did you decide you wanted to be a fashion designer and why? 
To be honest, it was not really something I set out to do-become a designer. That is, I was just led in that direction and before I knew it I had a few brands that I retailed internationally.

Where did you train and learn the art? 
Well, I actually started by studying marketing in Sydney and then I did design. Marketing has always been my passion. If you know how to market yourself and understand your strengths, then you will go far. I took the lead and followed my gut – which paid off!

You designed the “Pocket Sock” which was the sock with the zipper in the inside of it to store keys and valuables while jogging or going to the gym, what a great idea! How did you come up with this? 
The Pocket Sock was my idea when I went to the gym and always used to lose my keys. So I thought, "Wouldn't it be a great idea to have a pocket in your sock to keep your money, keys or medication if you exercised? So the Pocket Sock was born. As the name suggests, it is a sports sock with a zipper compartment. It's very comfortable and very practical.

What did this mean for your business? 
The Pocket Sock, because of its success, meant that I could grow and evolve the business. It was a starting block for great things to come.

When did you decide to go from fashion designer to a branding expert? 
I’ve always been both a branding expert as well as a designer but the growth of Jupi Corp has meant that I now oversee the brands I have created and work to expand them on an international level.

I thought your company has an interesting name, what does “Jupi” represent?
The name JUPI stems from Jupiter, being the largest planet in our universe. Too many other companies referenced Jupiter so I shortened it.

How did you make your international connections? For me, my connections have been through mutual friends. If you’re passionate and believe in what you’re doing, people pick up on that. I started working with Warner Brothers on Batman Begins through mutual friends. From there I met Priscilla Presley, then Dr Robert Rey, Janet Jackson and of course the Kardashians. It’s all been through friends.

How many brands are you currently managing and what are they? 
JUPI Corp currently has 11 brands internationally from the Kardashian Kollection to Biggest Loser Body. In Australia, my brands include Peter Morrissey available at Big W, MensFit through www.mensfit.com.au, DrRey Shapwear at Target.

Bruno, since you are busy managing brands, are you still hands on with the actual designing process?
I am very hands on with my brands – they are all very important to me and I believe in them immensely.

How did you hook up with the Kardashians?
I met the girls through mutual friends about two years ago. We always wanted to do something together and it was just a matter of timings. The time was right when we reconnected.

Are the Kardashians, involved in the design process? 
Khloe, Kim and Kourtney are incredibly involved in all aspects of Kardashian Kollection. I’ve really realised that they put their heart and soul into everything they do. From the minute we start putting range boards together for a new line to the time we select the button or the colour of the thread or how the products are going to be photographed — these girls are so involved. That’s why I love working with them. We share the same fire and passion.

Do you primarily create designs to suit each of the sister’s body types? 
Of course! When you look at our collection, you can see that there is something for Khloe, there’s something for Kourtney, and there’s something for Kim, but then there is something that all three of them will wear at the same time. We fit the clothes on the models, because the girls have fit requirements. They want to accentuate certain parts of their body and make sure that we cater to every size that’s out there. You know, Khloe’s tall, Kourtney’s petite, and Kim is curvaceous. So they’ve all got different body types.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your designs? 
It really depends on the brand and who we’re creating the label for. It’s very specific for each label. For the Kardashian Kollection, the girls of course are the inspiration. For another one of my labels, MensFit, I wanted to create underwear for men that would appeal to any mans taste. 

Other designers you like? 
Tom FordRachel Roy and I would have to also say Versace and Gucci.
16 years in the game, has the business changed? 
It has changed. We have evolved. I have certainly learnt from things along the way – from what has done well and what hasn’t as much. I am now in a position where I am lucky enough to choose the projects that I want to work on - the ones that I am passionate about and believe in.

Tell us about your latest range in the Kardashian Kollection
The next collection has lots and lots of colour. High/low skirts are really hot and we’ve just introduced denim, which has us all excited. In summer we are seeing a lot of vibrant colours like neons, strong pinks, reds and jade. Mixing and matching is still really key.

Bruno, thanks so much for your time, keep the great designs coming, especially the leopard designs, keep representing for Australia, maybe one day you can make a special range for Angel haha J

I wish you every success!

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