20 December 2011


Ladies, don't know about you but I am tired of the same ol' designs on racks and shelves in woman's clothing stores, the same ole styles that lack uniqueness, class and quality!

I was happy when Zara came to our shores because I knew at least their designs would have that European or overseas look to them.

Well now I am extremely happy to let you know that one of our own home grown local boys has heard my cry and feels the same way I do about fashion in Australia and has recognised the gap and the need for good classy designs. He has recently launched his new Autumn / Winter range for 2012 and his new boutique located in Pyrmont.

This young creative genius is using his natural ability and flare to bring some great European influenced fashion to our shores, creating timeless stylish pieces.

VOIJSLAV Marjanovic & Model
Introducing VOIJSLAV pronounced Voislav!

Thank you VOIJSLAV for joining us. I am absolutely in LOVE with your designs!

What made you choose a career in fashion design?
When I was about 13 , I started to visualize women in clothing and naturally started to sketch fashion illustrations of the designs I had in my mind. During my high school years my passion for fashion and desire to design grew stronger. I came to the strong realisation that it was my destiny to design clothes and create my own luxury fashion line.

Where did you learn the art? 

Initially I was accepted in the prestigious east Sydney fashion design school at which I completed my diploma in fashion design. I was actually quite lucky , whilst I was doing work experience at Carla Zampatti she offered me a job as the Design and Production Assistant. I then when to work for 2 other fashion houses after Carla Zampatti and by the end of it I was the Head Designer. Throughout my career working for different designers and products I was able to absorb techniques and use my natural ability to understand the craft (ART) of fashion design.

How are you finding it so far? 

Fabulous, my business is young and growing very well . I love what I do and I love to create beautiful clothing.

Retail is going through some up’s and downs but I try not to think too much about it and just keep pushing my desire to create and promote the VOIJSLAV brand.

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

My designs are inspired by all forms of art, museums, books, film, travel and exotic European culture. My mind is also completely visual, I often see designs in my mind which come naturally .

What type of woman would love your designs?
I design clothes for today’s modern women who want to feel special and who to look different from today’s mainstream style. They are confident in who they are and what they want, not just in fashion but lifestyle as well.

I feel that each collection has a wide range of styles for the 25 – 60 range.

Who are some other designers you like? They keep changing, at the moment I am loving, LANVIN , ETRO , BYBLOS , DONNA KARAN , SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, ZHUAR MURAD.


What is your favourite saying in fashion talk? "Long after price is forgotten quality is remembered".

Tell us about your winter collection? 
The new collection and 3rd for the Voijslav label focuses on modern and sharp contemporary lines, contrasted with delicate draping and flowing silhouettes. The clean construction of this collection is equally as important as the design using very fine and delicate finishing techniques which give the garments Voijslav’s signature style and opulence. In addition, the collection features a Sunset inspired print design that was created by Voijslav and has been hand printed on a super fine silk.

So ladies, if you are loving what you see, as much as I do then feel free to shop online at http://www.voijslav.com.au or pop in to meet Voijslav at his Showroom 116, No 243 Pyrmont St Pyrmont NSW.

I guarantee, you will not walk out empty handed, just tell Voijslav Angel sent you.


11 December 2011


I was lucky enough to attend the "official" opening of The Hard Rock Cafe in Darling Harbour Sydney.

WHOAH What a night it was!

It started out the front of the venue where a huge stage was erected and there were some great rockers on stage. 

A crowd gathered to see what all the fuss was about with Sydney's Darling Harbour as the back drop it was a great setting! 

The outdoor stage was hosted by Radio host Mike Goldman, he's ok - it's a hard job.  

The stand out for me was Sarah Mcleod, the woman is one "helluva" HARD ROCK chic, tattoos and all!

We did miss Stan Walker's performance, but I purchased his CD and wished him well. 

In keeping up with the true Hard Rock tradition they held an official guitar smashing ceremony! 

The CEO, GM of Hard Rock Aus and some musicians including; Hamish Prosser from the Vines, the current drummer in Guns N' Roses Matt Sorum, Stan Walker, Sarah McLeod and more took part.

It was a great thing to witness, pieces of guitars flying everywhere, it looked like fun! 


Check out Sarah McLeod smashed that guitar to pieces.

After that it was off to the red carpet. LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION.   We then waited near the ROCK SHOP down stairs before being let loose upstairs.


On the walls and ceilings and in cabinets in the Hard Rock Cafe upstairs there garments, photos and memorabilia from music legends plastered and placed everywhere. 

I was excited when I found a dress Beyonce wore in one of her shows in a glass cabinet.

The rest of the night was fabulous, although the food took forever to come out it was plentiful and there was an open bar all night long, with some great flair artists showing off their tricks! 

During the night I bumped into some of my friends, including; Max Markson, my boys Nacho Pop & Malik D and my friends my Mi Society

Angel & Mad Max Markson
Mi Society
My boy Malik (on the far left) and 2 of the
Sydney Kings
players with  Aaron Moldovan

I also met some great people including, DJ Lethal from Limp Biskit, Short Stack & some Sydney Kings players.

Throughout the night the Hard Rock stage hosted a huge ROCK concert, which featured many rock artists including, Matt Sorum, Mark Evans from ACDC, Angry Anderson and the one and only DOC NEESON. He was just awesome! I have never seen him live but wow what a performer he is.  Doc was so theatrical and still had a great voice! I got to talk to him before his set and I think I said "Wow Doc, you are still rocking on" and ROCK ON he did! 

Doc & Mark Evans ACDC

Doc Neeson
It was a great night!

At the end of the night I found my personal universal message I have been preaching to the world:




In a world where radio stations saturate the airwaves with commercial pop crap which has no meaning and the same ol' beat, and in a country where they fail to support good home grown Aussie talent and Soul and R & B music, I am happy to say we finally have in our midst a "breath of fresh air" a real artist, a true "Champion" who has stayed true to his passion and style of music and who is bringing to us the sweet soulful sounds which our ears so long to hear.

I am ecstatic to present this candid interview with the one and only MIKE CHAMPION.

A star born a Champion, born to brace the stage, to entertain and here to share real music with the world, Mike Champion could definitely be Australia's first real R & B and Soul artist that would assist our country in producing an international chart topper in his genre of music.

Born and raised in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia and of South African descent, Mike Champion has spent the past 10 years mastering his craft and slowly building a huge underground following in the Australian urban music scene, 10 years on, he is still going strong.

You can read Mike's bio here www.mikechampion.com. You can follow Mike here Mike Champion - Young Boy Old Soul and here @MrMikeChampion.

For the purpose of this interview I wanted to focus on Mike Champion in the year 2011.

Mike, thank you for your time, you were a very busy YOUNG BOY in 2011, with the release of your debut single "Luv Mathematics" and follow up instalment "Allie Kat" from the album "Young Boy, Old Soul (YBOS), please tell us more about what you got up to in the year 2011.
No problem, thank you for taking out the time to interview me. 2011 was a great year for me. I just worked hard at establishing my music and giving people a taste of what to expect from me this year. I was blessed to release my debut and follow up singles which were both received well through Aus and the abroad. I also was blessed to do an official tour. I performed at over 20 venues in 4 different states across Oz. 2011 was really about laying the foundation and 2012 is go time.

Wow that is great...So Mike how does it feel to be finally sharing your music with the world?
It is honestly a wonderful feeling to be able to reach people through music. I know music has the power to play on emotions and to be able have that connection with people you might not even know that well, to me that is a powerful thing. I am blessed and thankful to be able to share my music with the world.

Yes you are definitely able to connect with people of all kinds through your music and on stage. I think that is an amazing natural gift of yours...

"Allie Kat" is an interesting name for a song; can you please tell us how did you come up with the name Allie Kat?
The original song concept was meant to be about me and my nature, similar to an Alley Cat flying under the radar in most instances. Penning the track though took me on another journey and the track eventually ended being about a girl named Allie Kat who is bad all by herself.

Where did you come up with the inspiration for this song?
The flow and vocal definitely was inspired by the beat and swing in the rhythm. As for the concept of the track, it just came from within. I just went with the flow on this one.

What is your definition of an Allie Kat?
An Allie Kat is an elegant, classy, sexy sassy woman who can do bad all by herself.

I really love the video for "Allie Kat", I need to watch it over and over again. I hear you did the video yourself, what an amazing achievement, why, when and how did you learn to film and edit video clips?
Thanks. Producing Music Videos is something I was forced to do as a result of not having the funds to have somebody else do them for me. My fiance` Tiana Canterbury and I are both pretty creative people naturally, So we sat down and thought up a way we could make it happen with no money. By not knowing we studied videos on YouTube, observed and asked questions to people who knew the answers, and then got hands on and did it ourselves. With the editing, I literally sat down and learnt via youtube how to do basic things in Final Cut. And then went from there. If you have the vision and know what you want, once you focus, you can always achieve it.

Let's take a look at your efforts....

WOW! Great colours; grading;  beautiful people; and a good theme and story.

How long does it take you to edit a clip?For me...anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. haha.. It depends on the footage and getting what I want out of the footage.'

Where did you come up with the inspiration for the Allie Kat video? 
From many hours on youtube studying footage that I liked.  There are so many great videos out there to draw inspiration from.  I watched alot of Euro-type videos, to get that classy feel I was looking for. 
Who helps you with the video clips?

My number 1 partner in crime is my fiance', Tiana. We have a media company called "Bizniz In Bed" together, we sit and brainstorm our ideas and come up with the concept. Then we involve who we need to get it done. In the past we have worked with The Viking Lounge Mastering, MYLC Media, Renee Sayed & Miss Tez Make Up, Carl Allen Media, plus alot of great friends and family. 

Where do you find all the beautiful people you have in your video clips? 
They are mostly close friends and family.  My music videos are honestly an insight into my life. I really want to keep anything regarding my music as organic and as real as possible. What you see is definitely what you get!!

Let's take a look at your very first single -  

This video is so "feel good". I love it.

Who styles you in these video clips? 
Nobody really, I just wear things I would normally wear out.

Let's give the people a look at your very first clip! Your introduction to the world ......"MIKE TEQ NIQ"
2 HOT! You've definitely already improved. 

Are you planning to make a career from this?
Thank you, I appreciate that Angel.  It is definitely something I am already doing alongside my music career.  My music will always come first but I do have a love for delivering hot music videos. So Hype Williams is an Inspiration to me as well :).

I heard you won an award last year for Allie Kat, that's great credit to your work, can you tell us about that?

Yes. I was recently asked to perform at the AAMMA's (African Australian Movie & Music Awards). I was unknowingly read out in the nominations for Best Video and then went on to win the Award for Best Video for "Luv Mathematics". It was a great accomplishment to win the award as this was the first music video I had shot, co-directed and edited myself. 

You are quite stylish on stage in your shows, I think you have an eye for fashion; do you have a passion for fashion? 
Most definitely, my mum says I have always been that way. I just love clothes especially when its one off type gear.  I don't spend alot buying clothes though. I always look for a bargain. I really believe its how you wear it that makes the outfit fit right.

What do you think of the music today? 
I think the music of today (in the commercial world) is very different to what it once was. Because of the pressure major record labels are under, they seem to now follow a set formula when it comes to releasing artists, as opposed to allowing the artist to have control of the creative aspect. Therefore the music industry is swamped with alot of artists who come and go without really leaving their mark. In saying that though, the part of industry I belong to (The Independent) is thriving with educated, gifted song writers, singers and entertainers who have been able to make a career out of releasing the music they love.  The Music Industry today is in a great place because the Major and the Independent are now on the same playing field and there is more music on access to listeners then there has even been in the past. 

What are your favourite tracks out now?
I listen to alot of music and I gotta say I am a big fan of the producer Zo! He has a few records out at the moment, some old some new but all timeless. A few tracks on my playlist right now are: Eric Roberson - "Talking Reckless" & "Happy Summertime", Zo - "This Could Be The Night", Phonte - "Not Here Anymore".  Plus all the classics, A bit of Maxwell, D'Angelo, Dwele.. You know...That baby making stuff!!!

Mike, you have been going strong for 10 years and are commonly referred to as the “King of R & B” and one of the hardest working artists in the Australian music scene, you write and produce real music, you have a huge following, yet you have still not received the recognition or support from the major labels or radio stations why do you think this is so?
They don't know what to do with this baby. haha...Nah just playing. I think good things come to those who work hard. Though I haven't received this support I have managed to have a career doing what I love for the past 10 years, and for that I am truly thankful.

What would you say to others out there trying to make it?
Love What You Do, Do What You Love. Be Innovative, but most importantly do it with Love in your heart and with intentions to do something good in the world. Leave your mark.

What will be the next single of your upcoming album Young Boy Old Soul?

It's my favourite on the LP. A romantic slow jam entitled "Beautiful".

Will there be a video released for this? Most definitely

When can we expect YBOS to be released? In the next 2 months

How would you primarily describe your sound now? Sweet Soul

Will this sound filter through to your future projects? Most definitely, you never know fully where your mind might take you in the future, but I know what I love so I know I will always put that love into my music.

What does the future hold for Mike Champion? Excitement and positive thinking. A European tour & South African tour. Lots of new music.

In terms of your music, what is the most important thing to your right now?
Most important thing is delivering music that I feel is true to the person I am. Honesty in the message is important to me

What do you want to say to your fans? Thank you for supporting the cause.

Where can your fans catch you next?
Keep an eye out for My Album Release Party. It will be in the next few weeks. 

So there you have it!

An up close and honest interview with a young man working hard to achieve his dreams and goals whilst sharing beautiful music with the world.

Mike inspires me everyday with his determination, patience and positive approach in such a challenging industry.

I wish him all the very best in his career and all life has to offer.

Make sure you guys support a local artist and very talented young man and grab a copy of YOUNG BOY OLD SOUL!

It is a long time coming and it has definitely been worth the wait!