14 January 2013

Day 8 Healthy Living Plan

Day 8 of my healthy living plan and I ate really well today, well except for the sugar content.


Breakfast: Watered down oats served with cinnamon and sugar + 1 Skim Cappuccino

Snack: 1 Peach
Lunch: Spicy tuna & salad wholemeal wrap

Snack: Handful of seeds and nuts

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast with roast chicken seasoning and steamed veggies

 3 dried x apricots, 1 x scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Naughties: 1 x Scotch on the rocks 

Exercise: 30 Minute Zumba Ab workout

I drank water all day and lemon and water at the end of the day

"Never eat more than you can lift".


Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Dinner

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