9 January 2013

Life is all about balance

If you hang out in bars, you drink too much alcohol! 
If you drink too much alcohol, your kidneys and liver will fail!
If you eat too many fatty foods you will end up fat!
If you stress too much, your hair will fall out!
If you don't exercise, you will end up with aches in pains!
If you take too many drugs, you will loose control of your mind!
If you smoke cigarettes, you will end up sick! 
If you roll with thugs, you end up in brawls! 
If you hate others, you will end up hating yourself!

If you drink more water, your skin will glow!
If you eat clean, your body will become lean!
If you meditate and breath slower, you will feel at peace!
If you exercise regularly, you will feel fit!
If you roll with successful people, you will become successful!
If you think positive thoughts, you will feel positive!
If you speak positive words, good things will happen!
If you help someone else, you will receive good things in return!
If you spread love, you will receive love in abundance!
Find the balance, do things in moderation, eat well, exercise daily, be positive, think positive, help others, surround yourself with people who encourage, support you & who are successful, respect and love your body! Give yourself the best opportunity at a GREAT life! Find love in yourself and give it to others! Happiness! :)


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