10 April 2012


With only 4 days remaining until the first concert, Paperchase Touring & Entertainment, Dwayne Cross & John Denison, Promoters behind Supafest today issued an official press release stating that P.Diddy & Missy Elliot have both been removed from the bill for this years festival.

Alot of ticket holders were very pi$ed and took to their facebook & twitter pages to vent their frustration.

I can understand if they only purchased the tickets to see these 2 artists why they would be angry and disappointed.

However, I have to say the rest of the line-up is just awesome with Rick Ross set to make his first ever Australian performance, I would not be too angry if I was a ticket holder.

The other artists on the bill Kelly Rowland Ice Cube Chris Brown Trey Songz Ludacris Lupe Fiasco Naughty By Nature are all great performers and have in the past put on amazing shows in Sydney! Not sure what Big Sean has in stall for us but surely it is worth the ticket!

People think putting together shows like this are all just fun, fun, fun.  But I am here to tell you it is very stressful! ALOT of hard work, blood sweat, tears and money goes into a production like this and sometimes !sh happens and sales don't!

I guess there is some real !sh happening right here and right now! Diddy is screaming right now on twitter.

Missy bloody marvelous Elliot, is claiming she was never confirmed in the first place, this would be disappointing if it were true. What's going on? I am unsure of the facts. 

This I am sure of though the Promoters Dwayne Cross & John Denison of Supafest and the hardworking marketing teams at Urban Agent & all the other states teams have done very well in the past 3 years to:

  • Tour some amazing urban music artists throughout Australia, who we have never had the opportunity to see in the past, altogether on one stage
  • Managed to sell thousands and thousands of tickets 
  • Created loads of jobs for the locals

It's definitely still a SUPAFEST and more importantly it's a festival of HIP HOP, R & B, RAP & URBAN music & it's still happening and we need to support itso it happens again next year!

Go out and support your local promoters peeps and grab a ticket.

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