20 April 2012


Last night my sister in law and I attended a great event at the Hotel Chambers, well it started off great.
The Club was packed with eager fans awaiting the arrival of Naughty By Nature, RL from R & B Super Group Next & of course Chris Brown's DJ Babey Drew.

We were up in the VIP supporting our girl Tracy Rose who was the support act and my brother Sydney's Young Boy Old Soul Mike Champion who did a fabulous job was hosting the night.

The first artist to arrive was RL from Super group NEXT, and then Naughty By Nature and boy did the girls scream when surprise guests Chris Brown & T-Pain arrived with their massive entourage of managers, DJ's, dancers, musicians and security detail.

Chris Brown was heavily guarded by two massive security guards.

The performances started with an inpromtu performance by Big Ryat T-Pain's head Krumper, he is a rapper as well, he is the funniest guy and he can rap. :)

Then Tracy Rose our girl opened the show with Beyonce's hit "Crazy in Love" and showcased her stellar vocal.

After a short wait RL graced the stage and gave a heartfelt performance of all of NEXT hits and he educated the crowd on all the hit songs he had written including one of my favourites - "Just in Case" by Jaheim.

Just listen to RL's voice - PRESS PLAY ON THIS VIDEO 

Music industry PIONEERS Naughty By Nature then joined RL on stage for "Wifey".

Naughty By Nature's show was just absolutely fabulous! They are true performers and professionals who care about their fans and are very grateful for their success 20+ years on.

Naughty did a tribute to MJ, paid their respects to their boy 2PAC and gave a shout out to Chris Brown who sat in the corner all night with his girlfriend finding it hard to get up and respect Naughty By Nature's request for him to join them on stage to greet his fans.

After their set DJ BABEY DREW came on and played a KILLER set I have to say, but seemed to have forgotten who I was. Hmmm REMINDER - I booked your VERY FIRST CLUB GIGS in Sydney, 5 years ago and you came to my brothers house to do the radio drop.

Meanwhile during, before and after the show, Chris Brown's thug like security guards were throwing people out of the VIP, who were filming NBN's show and they were grabbing people's camera's and phones from them and deleting photos.

JUST WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? I could not believe the aggressive nature in which they treated our people, our DJ's and prominent figures in OUR industry.

The last straw was when So You Think You Can Dance choreographer and member of African girl dance group SAEA BANYANA, Tiana Canterbury (who YOU KNOW VERY WELL Breezy) , my sister in-law and fiancee to MIKE CHAMPION left the VIP to go to the bathroom and upon her return was pushed in the stomach by one of CHRIS BROWNS security team. I was disgusted.

Angel & Chris Brown
Breezy honestly, what has happened to you? The first time I met you when you were 17, you did not carry on like this, you put your heart into your performances and you mingled with the fans. 

Come back down to earth Breezy!  You are role model to younger kids,my nephew loves you, he wants to be an entertainer like you. It would be so good if you used your position to spread a positive message.

I am not expecting you to be perfect, and I know you have been through a helluva alot, but honestly, your arrogant behaviour and the disgusting behaviour of your THUG security guards is uncalled for and unecessary.

Hitting and pushing woman might be acceptable in your CAMP Breezy but it is NOT ACCEPTABLE in AUSTRALIA.

Your security guards have absolutely NO right to grab people's phones from them and do what they did or lay their hands on WOMAN. The mean looks on their faces made everyone in that VIP section feel uncomfortable and that damn flashlight.

Ya'll are so lucky Tiana was not hurt badly.

Ya'll need to check yourselves and pull your heads in and treat the people that work hard to make sure you are taken care of in this country are treated with the respect they deserve and you have a responsibility as an artist to engage with your fans, otherwise don't do what you do.

As far as I am concerned Chris Brown YOU are in control of the actions of your security team. I understand they need to protect you, but honestly they take that to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL, I mean I would understand if you were the President, but you're not, anyway nobody really, wanted to come into your section because you were so unsociable, so they were over doing it really.

I have met PLENTY of security guards over the years, being in the industry and none have EVER carried on like your team does. They are unprofessional and overly aggressive. Take Julius for instance BEYONCE's personal body guard - ALL CLASS & STYLE - NO THUGGERY! He speaks German too, an educated brother.

Maybe Julius can teach you're team a thing or two.

Anyway, that's my rant.

Other than that the night was alot of fun! A HUGE shout out to TRIGGER TREACH, VINNIE and RL for their amazing shows and for socialising with all their fans and making the night extremely enjoyable for all of us. T-PAIN I hope you are feeling better brother.

Thanks to the organisers who did a fabulous job of bringing that event together!

Here are some pics:







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