2 April 2012


So my girlfriends and I checked out Marquee Sydney on members night on Thursday 29th March and then on the official public opening on Saturday 31st March.

Marquee Sydney is a VEGAS Style club alright complete with LASERS & PODIUM dancers brought to you by nightclub operator Tao Group who also run TAO Vegas and Marquee NYC. 

Marquee - Is located in The Star Sydney and is situated on the entire top tier of The Star's new Pirrama Road harbourside entrance, it commands expansive views of Sydney Harbour and the city skyline. It is nearly 20,000 square feet of floor space, and houses three distinct spaces within the one venue to cater for different tastes and moods.

If you have not been to VEGAS, head to Marquee Sydney and find out what clubbing over there is all about! 
ANGEL & SONIA Marquee Sydney
Main Room - Check out the lasers
I have to say both nights I went I had a really GOOD night! 

On Thursday night I stayed in the Main Room, the music was not too crash hot - mainly commercial, but I still managed a dance! I met one of the Podium dancers we had a dance she was cool, we had complimentary drinks all night - bonus.

On Saturday night, my name was on the guest list, but when we arrived at around 10pm, the line for both the normal line and the guest list was unbelievable.  I said to my girlfriend, "we are not standing in this line", so we walked to the front and luckily a friend of mine was at the door, straight in, given our wristband and straight up.

Jermaine Dupri
Marquee Sydney
We had planned to meet a couple of friends who had a table in the Boom Box - I love this room, the music in this room was DOPE and on Saturday night Jermaine Dupri tore it up with a killer set! We danced til our feet were aching! We got to party with JD and his people thanks to some other friends.
 - See if you can spot me
After Mr Dupri was finished I went over to check out WIL I AM's set in The Main Room - he had the crowd cheering - Wil I AM is a natural born Super Star - and a gentleman he gave me a hug :).   CLICK THIS to find out my BIG secret revealed on Secret Saturday ssshh.

Sydney needed a club like this, it's good to have a variety of places to go and I am glad this opened up and I had the best night on Saturday night.

Apparently, the membership for Marquee Sydney for 12 months is $10k, this includes $6k worth of alcohol, VIP access using the VIP lift and access to "The Library".

I heard they where selling tables individually, which included bottle service and bottles (not sure how many) for $5k, then by the time it got to Saturday night the tables were - $15k, pricey, PHEW! That is Vegas style. Not sure if it will work in the Australian market, but who knows.


Things I love about Marquee:

  • The music in the Boom Box - R & B all day everyday for me - the music is good 
  • Secret compartments for your bags - Ladies, this is a first for a club in Sydney, no cloakroom but look around you will see secret sections in both rooms where you can place your handbags and jackets - cool idea.
  • The bathrooms in the main room - you have to see them
  • The gimmicks - Bondage room; Girls with snacks around their necks; Ballerina's; Midgets; Drag Queens; The guy riding a bike in the bathrooms
  • Bottle service - Glass cabinet for the bottle and your own waitress - best way to party
  • The lasers - Create a unique atmosphere

Things I DON'T love:

  • The line - it's a major hassle getting in, be prepared to Q for hours - it might pay to know someone, it might pay to be on the guest list - it might not, no guarantees
  • The toilet Q's - We got VIP toilet service on Saturday night thankfully, if I didn't ask for that we would have been standing in the Q for at least 20 - 30 minutes
  • The music in the Main Room - not a fan - too commercial for me 
  • It's a little too dark in there - just in certain spots
  • The ramps and stairs - be careful ladies in heels especially, watch where you are going
I recommend you guys check it out for yourselves at least once.

The folks who run Marquee Sydney are claiming to aim to bring a monumental change to Sydney's nightlife, they went all out with the launch and they have already booked some big international DJ's.

My only question is are they are going to regularly support local artists and local DJ's and work with local promoters???

Time will tell!

This week at Marquee Sydney:

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