16 April 2012

A SUPAFEST of URBAN MUSIC - Kelly Rowland, T-Pain, Ludacris, Trey Songz, Chris Brown & More

The biggest urban music event to hit the southern hemisphere took place in Sydney, Australia on Sunday 15th April 2012.

What an event it was!

SUPAFEST 3 really was just that a SUPA festival and celebration of URBAN music and culture, and a collaboration of some of the worlds most successful recording artists across 4 of my favourite genre's of music R & B, SOUL, RAP & HIP HOP.

Every artist I caught put their heart, soul & energy into their performances and that's what I am really looking for when I go to a concert.  That is a passionate delivery of a song and great entertainment.

Here's what to expect:

Kelly Rowland brought with her some of the finest male dancers with the sexiest moves and abdominal muscles to go with their good looks! DAYYUUMMM!! Thanks Kelly.

Kelly is looking HOT! Her hair is looking fabulous! Her voice is damn good and the diva had all the right moves to match her stellar vocal.

Big Sean
Big Sean also made an appearance in her set for "Lay it On Me" that brother has flow!  A great show from Miss Rowland! 

LUDA gave the BEST performance. He is a BO$$. Don't worry about RICK ROSS! Luda's got it under control.

Performing HIT after HIT! Luda kept the crowd screaming throughout his entire show!

Ludacris is one of those playas that has built in SWAG! You can't teach real SWAG - LUDA is the real deal.

I was also very excited because he was wearing LEOPARD PRINT! WOOHOO! Thanks Luda for reppin the leopard


LUDA recognised his DJ INFAMOUS which I thought was very sweet of him! :)

It takes a good DJ to make the show work - Ludacris' show rocked the SUPAFEST stage!

Boy can this Boy SING! Trey Songz is by far one of the greatest Male R & B vocalists of his time! His voice is nothing short of amazing! Trey blew the crowd away with his show. He had the girls screaming with his trademark - singlet ripping off thing. :) Ladies "SAY AHHH".

Sound not too good

Trey Songz does not need anyone on stage with him. He delivers with conviction and gives the crowd an entertaining show. 

He was definitely one of my favourites of the day.

Lupe Fiasco made an appearance for his track "Out of My Head". This track went OFF, LUPE rocked the house - Perth and Melbourne - Wait for it.

It was definitely TREY DAY at SUPAFEST in Sydney

Firstly, I have to say BIG PROPS to T-PAIN for finding his niche and running with it! He has managed to build great success from using AUTO-TUNE in is HIT songs and has he produced HITS.

T-PAIN always puts on a great show! It's authentic, it's real, from the heart and he pulls out the old skool moves - which I just love. 

I love his dancers and the funny guy! OMG he is funny!

You can expect all of that and more.  When I say more T-PAIN spoke his mind at SUPAFEST ending his performance with the SPOKEN WORD and boy did he open up! It seems he is frustrated with the industry and he let us know.

Breezy's show opened with a BIG BANG! He came out doing the mechanical dummy moves with some craazzyyyy dancers dressed impressively along side him. But then it kind went a little down hill from there and then up and down and up and down. 

I am a HUGE fan of Chris Brown, when speaking on him as an all round entertainer, he is seriously one gifted human being.  But at SUPAFEST he seemed either really exhausted or really hung over.  He was not the normal energetic SUPERSTAR we are used to seeing.

We could not hear him sing. it sounded as if his voice was a little strained and twice he turned the show over to his DJ BABEY DREW who was feeling the unrehearsed pressure. Maybe Breezy was sick, who knows.

Some songs where good, some where a struggle and I was hoping he would wear some crazy outfits! The dancers though, were ON POINT! 

He did however, engage the audeince, he smiled a whole lot and really had a party on stage.

All that didn't  matter to the fans, especially the girls, who screamed very LOUD all throughout and when he removed his singlet and in particular one young female fan,would not have been too worried that we could not hear his voice, because she went home with Chris Brown's sweat all over her WHITE outfit! :)

Get some rest Breezy, as you can see, the world needs you for a LONG time to come!

Unfortunately, I did not get to see ICE CUBE, LUPE FIASCO, BIG SEAN or NAUGHTY BY NATURE as I was running on coloured time. LOL.

The local artist that won SEARCH for A SUPA STAR was cute, but very nervous and also it would have been better if she sang her own music. It would have really made my day if they put this cat on the bill. Ok I'm BIAS! :)

Last but definitely NOT least - DJ SCRATCH AKA the TURNTABLE WHISPERER - played a DOPE set, which was way too short.  He really whispered something special to the turntables because the crowd screamed as he performed some mad tricks. OLD SKOOL! Thank goodness for DJ SCRATCH,  because if I heard Sydney's DJ NINO clear the floor BROWN say "Sydney make some noise" one more time, I probably would have walked out.

Congrats to the organisers Paper Chase Touring and Entertainment and their marketing team Urban Agent for producing an all round successful festival and a such great urban music event.

I really hope it comes back next year. Keep supporting it people.

The only thing I want to ask them is why didn't they add 2PAC to the bill? :) Seriously, Coachella on a whole other level! 



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