11 April 2012



Genre: Everything that sounds good.. (Commercial Pop Music not inclusive!!!)

Number of years on the Decks: Waaaay too many to remember.

Any Mixtapes: I did a few many years ago under the name Chocolate Boy Wonder Vol.1, 2 and 3. DJ Moto and myself then started a series called Blacklabel. We did a few tapes under that name also. Nothing in recent years however, as I am focusing more on production than anything else.

First gig: First gig was back in school for a friends 16th Birthday in her Garage…Neighbours got us shut down.

How did you learn the art: As soon as I bought my turntables, I locked myself in my room and practised day and night. I used to look up to local cats like DJ Nasser T, Juan G, Klever C and Carl Alley.

Do you practice at home: Not anymore, I haven't had turntables for about 6 years funnily enough. I practice everyweek at the club.

Your favourite type of music: Too many to mention. I DJ R&B and Hip Hop…but I also have a great appreciation for Progressive House and Uplifting Trance. Above & Beyond are some of the most incredible producers/Dj's I have heard.

Your favourite track of all time:  Haha, this question is impossible. With so much amazing music out there, there is no way it can be pinpointed down to one single track.

Your favourite artist of all time: This too is extremenly hard to answer…So many amazing artists, past and present across so many genres. Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Donnie Hathaway, Etta James, Minnie Riperton, Brian McKnight, Phil Collins, all the way up to Above & Beyond & Dinka. I think Sarah Mclachlan is an amazing talent also. Her Opera House gig was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.  I focus a lot more on Production though, so when it comes to favourites, I would have to say Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Alchemist, J Dilla, Dj Premier and our home grown talent, M-Phazes.

Favourite gig:  Would have to have been Privilege Bar on George Street, run by Shiv (Hypnotize Ent) and the gang…Currently I would have to say Red Room, run by Corrine (Phrisk Management) on Saturday Nights….Playing the best in Old Skool R&B and Hip Hop in Sydney.

Career Highlight: I would have to say the birth or my daughter and my wedding day….but DJ'ing wise, I would say being the tour DJ for the Brian McKnight Australia tour back in 2000. One of the most amazing live acts I have seen.

What do you think about the music today compared to when you first started Djing:
The music is completely different to what it was when I started. I could go on for days about the progression of R&B over the years, but at the end of the day, music evolves. R&B has taken a big turn, more towards pop & house. Hip Hop is a lot more mainstream and commercialised now also. There is a lot more quantity now, rather than quality. Where as when I started, the quanity was not very much at all, but it was all quality. It is a lot more widely accesable now too, with it being all over TV, Radio, Advertisements, Media and the Internet. A lot more people now follow it as a fad, and not really for the love of it.

I remember when I started, it would take close to a month to order any Hip Hop/R&B Vinyl/CD via an import store. Now, you can download it online within a few seconds. I feel that is what is missing with DJ'ing also. Before Serato came out, it was all about going record shopping, digging in the crates, getting dust all over your hands and trying to find that something special that no other DJ had. You could spend hours doing that just to find one track. Now, with the Internet and google, DJ's have it way too easy. But it's not a bad thing; as long as more and more people are spreading the music and the love, better the world we live in then.

What can the people expect to hear from you set: I play absolutely everything and anything other than your usual mundane commercial pop hits and club bangers.

Get out of trouble track (Dance floor clearing, you drop it the crowd jumps up):
Hahaha, I love clearing the floor. That means you are playing something that no one has heard or no one knows…and that I feel is an integral part of being a DJ. New music needs to be introduced to the masses, instead of just being the same old Juke Box that is located in all the clubs these days.

What's hot for you right now: I would have to say production by 40, T Minus and Boi 1Da are bringing a fresh new sound to the commercial Hip Hop genre and keeping things interesting. Australian cat M-Phazes is also keeping things amazing. A lot of respect to local Sydney producers Iron Manny (DJ Manny) and also The 26th Letter (Soul Benefits) for pushing the local scene and showing what amazing talent can come out of Sydney.

Radio Show: Not on the agenda at the moment, but a shout out to Christian & Bradley (MC Twinz) for pushing the music on their Blacklabel Radio Show for all those years. 

Places the people can catch you:
Red Room @ Hotel Chambers - Saturday Nights
Marble Bar @ Hiton Hotel - Saturday Nights
In the Studio every other night of the week…….


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