21 April 2012


Well this secret is well and truly out! But I needed to make sure I helped get it out there more, because I am such a MASSIVE fan!

SWV Sisters With Voices
LeLee, Coko, Taj
The girls from SWV real SISTERS WITH VOICES are back and they are back with a banging hit song "Co-Sign" from their new album "I Missed Us" and I could not be happier.
Growing up SWV's music was a major part of my life, my sister and my girls and I would love it when a DJ dropped one of their tracks in a club, we would tear up the dance floor and I would play their music at home every day, back in the day when we had tapes. :)

The 90's produced some of the best R & B music of all time and SWV contributed to the good music with all of their hits including:

 "Right Here" by SWV

"I'm So Into You" by SWV

"Anything" (Check out 2PAC in this, Above the Rim) by SWV

and of course "Weak" by SWV

Cheryl "Coko" Clemons, Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George, and Leanne "Lelee" Lyons disbursed in the 90's to focus on solo projects, and now they are all grown up, looking fabulous and have re-united to bring us the good music.

Their voices are as strong as ever, and their harmonies are tight, vocally they are on point and they shine in "Co-Sign".

It is so refreshing to hear that old skool sound in today's music and artists that can actually sing.

"I Missed Us", dropped on April 17th and is racing up the charts, grab a copy - stay tuned for their album review.

I have also requested an interview through their management, and am still waiting to hear back from them, but will keep you posted.

To all the youngins out there, who don't know SWV, you better get to know them and learn to love their music as much as I do, I definitely missed SWV.

Welcome back ladies. :)))))

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