26 February 2012


Ladies, you all know I am about supporting local business, this most definitely includes local designers.

I have one word for you SABATINI.

If you have not heard of this label, then it's time you did.

Sabatini make "knitwear" sexy.

Their designs are unique and are for woman who want easy knit care dressing.

They use intricate fabrics which are eco friendly and they hand cut and finish all their garments.

Twenty years in the business, that's right 20 years, Sabatini definitely know what woman want when it comes to elegant knitwear, they have it covered ladies.

Meet Sabatini leading ladies, Margi & Danielle Millich;

Margi & Danielle Millich
Who created SABATINI?
My parents Zarko Milich And Sonja Milich

Who is the head designer?
It is a round table we have Tony Milich (managing director) who is responsible for the yarns and fabrications, Margie Milich (oversee the collections) design, The design team Danielle(Sabatini) and Alyssa(Aliza by Sabatini).. Danielle Milich (designs the woven component).

Describe the ideal SABATINI WOMAN? 
The ideal woman is someone that loves high quality, sophisticated, fashion forward dressing. The Sabatini women is successful, loves comfort and has her own timeless style.

How do want woman to feel in your designs? 
Empowered and free!

Who are your inspirations? 

I feel that Sabatini is inspired by culture, music, travel, family, experience and the people you meet along the way! There are always muses that inspire but I feel life’s journeys are more enlightening.

Other designers you like? 

It ranges from season to season however, I have always loved Temperley, Lanvin, Chloe ,Channel and my new favourite Alexander Wang!!

20 years in the game, has the business changed? 

Dramatically.  When we started there were not so many designers and people were definitely more concerned with quality.  In the past 20 years mass production has taken the lead in the Australian market place. But we feel that if you stick to what you do and do it well you will always have place in this forever changing market.

Does the mother / daughter team work well together?  It definitely works well together as we know each other so well and there is a massive level of trust which is hard to find in employees.  Also, there is humour and a family understanding, a European thing! 

What are your roles? Margie Milich is the creative director who overseas everything in terms of the Australian market place. Danielle Milich focusses on the branding and offers and new fresh take on the label, which is important as you have to constantly evolve to stay ahead of this evolving industry.

Tell us about your winter collection? Our Signature for winter heavily focusses on leather and knits.  Deep colours such as twilight and merlot are a prodoment feature. Texture is always important for Sabatini and incorporating trends such as Aztec prints into the jumpers keeps the collection current and unique. 

What’s good at the SALE? Next seasons winter samples and current summer stock.

Ladies, if you are into knit wear, then I suggest you head on down to their pre winter sale. CLICK HERE for info.

By one valued customer their designs were described as "sassy & classy".

Head on over to the sale and decide for yourself.


  1. I like that even in this ever changing market that they stick to who they are and what they have been doing so well for over 20 years. Nice article Angel.


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