10 February 2012


DJ Name: Toyboy

Genre: Rnb / Hip Hop

Number of years on the Decks: 10yrs (Coming on 11 in April)

Any Mixtapes: I have a few mixtapes uploaded @ www.soundcloud.com/djtoyboy

First gig: 2004, Goodbar (Oxford St, Sydney) AKA Eleven Nightclub

How did you learn the art: My brother taught me, he was in the game way before me, his name was CK1.

Do you practice at home: yes all the time

Your favourite type of music: Rnb (Mainly) but a big love for Hip Hop/Rap

Your favourite track of all time: Puff Daddyy ft R. Kelly - Satisfy You

Your favourite artist of all time: Thats a tough one, I can't choose between Ludacris & Eminem.

Favourite gig: Opening of Oxygen @ O2 Nightclub, playing alongside one of the greatest Djs, DJ Rectangle.

Career Highlight: Trey Songz afterparty @ The Bank, Trey came up to me while I was DJing and told me I was a crazy DJ.

What do you think about the music today compared to when you first started Djing: Music today is all about who the artist is, it's nothing compared to the music when I started. When I started, music actually came from the heart, now it's all about guns, money and b#$ches. It has gone downhill, it's not what it used to be.

What can the people expect to hear from you set: People can hear a diverse range of music when it comes to my sets, You will hear, Old Skool Usher mixed in with some Beyonce, bit of Drake, a splash of TPAIN & a side of Lil Wayne :). My sets are usually very energetic.

Get out of trouble track (Dance floor clearing, you drop it the crowd jumps up): At this point in time, the one track that gets everybody dancing is : Danza Kuduro - Dom Omar

What's hot for you right now: Hip Hop is the "IN" thing right now, and YMCMB is killing the charts with everything they do.

Radio Show:
None yet, Coming soon though ;)

Places the people can catch you:  
Thursdays - Swag @ Trademark Hotel
Fridays - Addiction @ The Bank 

Saturdays - Oxygen @ V-Bar (Sydney)

DJ TOYBOY AUS (Friend Page)

 DJ TOYBOY (Fan Page)


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