19 February 2012



This is my very first review of a mixtape and I am excited to be reviewing this mixtape for some very talented individuals.

Lovers Lane is a very cool name for a mixtape, I'm a fan, because I am all about spreading the love.  In this case the word "LOVE" is appropriate as most of the tracks talk about it in some way.

From the get go Lovers Lane gets you in the mood with "Hey Baby" and "Music".

The message "Life Loving Music" on this mixtape is a good one and resonates throughout the mix.

The mixtape has an R & B, Soul and old Hip Hop feel to it, and all the featured artists are reputable and can actually sing and rap. It's good music, it's not too heavy and it's mixed well.

World Famous Nate Wade
"I spend my life loving music"

World Famous Nate Wade did a great job getting this together, it would have been a challenge considering the artists are situated all over the world.

Nate is a talent to watch out for in 2012, not only is he a good rapper, he's got the look and has continued to master his craft.

Nate's flow is very similar to one great rapper from back in the day who goes by the name of MA$E, although, over the years I have heard him develop his own style and sound.

He is an artist who has a natural ability to put words together and deliver them effortlessly. It's a gift.

His appearances in various tracks in Lovers Lane demonstrate his vocal diversity. It's good for an artist to have a distinct sound, but it's even better if they can change the tone in their voice to augment the track.

Nate has and does both, especially in "Having my Baby". Props to him.

My only qualm is he may be seen as over doing the hype on this mixtape.  It is not necessary to voice the name and message of the mixtape over every part of every song.

Other than that. Well done Nate - great effort.

MK1-John Khilla
"Hip Hop would be nonexistent if it wasn't for the Zulu Nation"

MK-1 AKA John Khilla would have to be one of the most underrated DJ's in Sydney.

Creatively MK-1 is a stand out in terms of his mixing ability, knowledge on the music and his dedication to HIP HOP as an overall culture.

MK-1 is heavily involved in many aspects of the urban music scene in Sydney He has a radio show (Sounds of Zulu Nation 88.0 Bondi FM), he films and edits videos of most of the R & B & HIP HOP tours and events, he is a really good DJ AND he is a teacher.

So, I recently got a brief history lesson on HIP HOP and where it began from Mr Khilla. MK-1 is the Sydney Chapter Leader of the Universale Zulu Nation. If you want to learn about HIP HOP click this link and follow MK-1, he knows his stuff.

In Lovers Lane he did as expected with the mix, he mixed it well and the order in which the tracks were placed worked. My only criticism, was the excessive noise from the Vuvuzuela. Given the overall sound of this mixtape, perhaps the trumpet would have been better.

The addition of "Siri" was innovative and very now.

Good work MK-1.



Chase "Billboard" Baker - Definitely the stand out flow on Lovers Lane. Very smooth, very cool, a flow which takes you back to the days when HIP HOP was smooth and worked well to enhance a good R & B track. Chase Baker is all the way in the beat on his track.

D'Lo Price - Mcing comes easy to this boy, you can hear it, and he delivers in "Bea".

Mirrah - Repping the ladies, this fine example is one very talented and creative individual. You can hear the experience in her music and flow.

Bambino - It's good to hear a brother with old school flow on this mixtape, Bam keeps it real in every track he features in and is consistent.


Lee Sissing - This girl can sing! Her voice is sultry and sexy and you can tell singing is no effort to this sister.

Bsyde - It's really great to hear from Mr Bsyde again, I would have liked to have heard more, but his Vin Diesel sounding gruff tone still comes through. Well I hear it, it excites me.

Mirrah - Displaying her many talents on the mixtape, rap star Mirrah, shows off her vocal ability with ease and brings through the spoken word thang, which I love.

Chenelle - I forgot how good Chenelle is vocally. It's good to hear a good female vocalist on this mixtape.

"No Matter" - Mirrah has hit the mark with the lyrics in this record and sends a good message, it's a great tune.

"Bac2luv" - This song by Mike Champion is very smooth in true Champion style, his silky vocal makes you feel the love in this track. This song is a great example of real R & B.  The only issue is this song should have been mastered before it was added to this mixtape, we need to hear you Mike Champion.

"24/7" - I am loving this, because it is simply soulful, this is a heartfelt neo-soul song right here.

"Crazy" - J Black & Bliss delivered on the SOUL & HIP HOP tip with this number, it has an old school sound.

"Talking to You" - It's good to hear a track from Israel Cruz that is not completely AUTO TUNED, whilst it is present, it's not over done. I am rating this joint because it sounds different to everything we are hearing right now and it proves that Israel is an artist who can diversify.

"I Deserve You" - This track is the stand out joint on this mixtape, not only because it is perfectly mixed and mastered, but it is a great joint which is catchy, but not overly commercial at the same time. This track takes you back and on a journey to Brooklyn, NYC . Chase Baker has talent. I'm feeling this one!

Not so good:
"If you were mine" - This track is not too smoothly mixed, it uses an old beat and the vocals are a little off key.

"Jezebel" - This track has a fat beat and the raps are fine, but it's SADE, man, let SADE be. Remix please. That's all I'm going to say about that.

"Ways to turn you on" - I can't listen to this song.

The Lovers Lane mixtape by World Famous Nate Wade and MK-1 gets a thumbs up. It features some impressive signed and unsigned artists. Whilst the mastering could have been a little better to bring it all on the same level, most of the tracks chosen are decent, it's good quality music.

I have listened to Lovers Lane over and over again, and find myself singing some of the tunes, I guess that's what a mixtape is all about at the end of the day, blending music to expose quality and perhaps un-recognised artists who produce good music. This mixtape does it all and more.

Check it out for yourself, I recommend you do.

Thank you for reading this mixtape review.


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