29 February 2012


DJ Name: DJ Pace (The Ol Skool Prince)

Genre: Hip Hop, RnB

Number of years on the Decks: 23

Any Mixtapes:
DJ Pace (Sounds of Score)
DJ Pace (Ol Skool RnB/Hip Hop) Bangaz Vol One
DJ Pace (Hip Hop Bangaz 2011)
DJ Pace (Soundz from the Soul) Vol One

First gig: My first gig in a night club i was actually under age (17)..Night Club out west called (Celebrities) in Blacktown.

How did you learn the art: I grew up in a house filled with music, my brother introduced me to soul, funk. I used to grab a plastic bucket..turn it upside down..grab 2 sticks and jam to the music outside my brothers window...day in..day out. Until one day he played "the Message" by Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five? The art of street dancing, Break Dancing..Pop locking set in. Herbie Hancock's "Rock it" was the tune that officially opened up my world of turntables..scratching..Mixing that went along with culture of street dancing, breakin! A Turntable became my instrument..It all came together naturally..without hesitation... feeling that vinyl..having it in the palm of your hands and using it on the turnatable as an instrument..feeling the beats. just like that plastic bucket and my 2 sticks!..it all made sense to me... Two words!..(Rhythm) & (Feel).

Do you practice at home: I rarely practice now..after so many years of perfecting, mixing, tricks, I have'nt practiced in over a decade..it will never fade.

Your favourite type of music: It's difficult to have a favourite when music is your life, your air.. I appreciate so many types..but the ones that stand out the most are Soul and Hip Hop.

Your favourite track of all time: Too hard to answer... From "I can make you dance" by Roger Troutman to "Love x Love" by George Benson to "Imagine" by Snoop Dogg Ft D'angelo is a deep one for me. I can go on and on lol!

Your favourite artist of all time: Roger Troutman

Favourite gig: Every Gig

Career Highlight: Every moment since day one of djying for me was and still is a highlight for me! no matter where..when or what...still doin it!

What do you think about the music today compared to when you first started Djing: Music changes, it always does, and always will! I appreciate the effort, cleverness and styles artists/ producers come out with nowdays..at the end of it all it is music to me and i love every bit of it.  No matter what, Old school music is where my heart is. It is what made music today and i respect that. You can still create an atmosphere and make people feel what they want and how they need to with todays music ,just as much as Dj's did back in the day with whatever style was in at the time!

What can the people expect to hear from you set: Uplifting RnB, Hip Hop, Ol skool Flava.  Flava that creates that uplifting atmosphere and vibe.

Get out of trouble track (Dance floor clearing, you drop it the crowd jumps up): If i dont see atmosphere at the bar? i'll create the atmosphere on the dance floor.. i cant really pin point a particular track...but whatever i choose it will guarantee do its job. whatever i choose it has to be for the females first!..thats the most important for me..because the more females?..the more men.. But it all depends on the type of event! Eventually everybody gets thirsty after a good dance ;)

What's hot for you right now: Ryan Leslie sounds

Radio Show: In the process

Places the people can catch you: 

Therapy Thursdazy @ Sol Lounge Bar
All That - Thursdays 
 Fridays @ Indulge Music Bar 
Saturday at BOOTY BAR



Next week - DJ A-GAME

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