1 February 2012


DJ Name: Nick Toth

Genre: Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Soul, Funk 

Number of years on the Decks: 24

Any Mixtapes: Too many to list them all. Here are some: 
(roots reggae & dancehall mix CDs / every 3 months
Dancehall Queen Australia 2008 
(w/ K-Note)
- Gimme Some More! 
(hip hop, soul & funk mix on Jam Music 2006)
Reebok Summer Sampler 2005 
(indie hip hop promo CD)
Battle Of The Year 
(Breakdance classics on Shock Records 2003)
Blazin' Vol 1 
(Collaboration on Universal Music 2002)

First gig: not sure if this counts, but probably my 16th birthday party in my parents garage ;-)

How did you learn the art: By watching DMC (hip hop DJ battle) videos

Do you practice at home: Used to practice hours every day, nowadays unfortunately too busy to do that

Your favourite type of music: 'music with soul'

Your favourite track of all time: Can't answer that one, too much amazing music out there... but here are 3 I dig TODAY:  Missing You - BUSY SIGNAL, Pushover - ETTA JAMES, Canta, Canta, Minha Gente - MARTINHO DA VILA    

Your favourite artist of all time: Again too many, right now listening to the late great Etta James, rest in peace! if you're looking for real soul music, check out this woman! 

Favourite gig:  Every Saturday @Jamrock playing the best Reggae music

Career Highlight: Being able to make a living from what I love doing 

What do you think about the music today compared to when you first started Djing:
Music like culture always evolves and we can choose to evolve with it or stick to what we're comfortable with. I think that there are incredible artists creating beautiful music all over the world AS WE SPEAK, but we might not see them half-naked on MTV, ya dig ;-) 

What can the people expect to hear from you set: Depends where we are; eg. at JamRock! we promote reggae & dancehall music; at the Opera Bar it's more about chilled vibes etc ;-)

Get out of trouble track (Dance floor clearing, you drop it the crowd jumps up): It depends on the gig but at JamRock the people love “No letting Go” by Wayne Wonder

What's hot for you right now: My office is super-humid right now, I'm sweating as I'm writing this!

Radio Show: Jamrock Weekly Dancehall Reggae Top 40
  Radio 2000 - 98.5fm 
  Live stream it www.2000fm.com
  Every Friday 10pm - 12pm

Places the people can catch you: Every Saturday night at JamRock!Reggae Club - Hermann's Bar, crn City Rd & Butlin Ave (opposite Sydney Uni) and guest spots around the place

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