27 February 2012

9 Miles to Empty - Brian The Gifted - EP Review

9 Miles to Empty
Upon hearing "9 Miles to Empty" it is immediately apparent that Brian The Gifted takes his lyrics seriously and he writes from the heart. This in itself is admirable.

I will however, review this EP honestly and objectively.

The title "9 Miles to Empty" is pretty creative, I like it, it represents a man on a journey, It's Brian's journey.

Brian is a definite story teller and I am guessing this whole EP is a story about where he was in life at the time he recorded it. The lyrics in each song are real and reflect, real life experiences.

Whilst Brian The Gifted, is a good MC in terms of his ability to rap to the beat, 9 Miles to Empty might have a sounded a little more exciting if he occasionally adjusted the tone in his voice.

The beats in this EP, sound pretty standard, like they were purchased from a website, rather than worked to make a good song. I think Brian can do better by having more input into the production.


"My Vision" - This joint is like an interlude, an introduction, he talks about his vision

"Out of Breath" - This beat seems familiar, this reminds me of a Dr Dre track.

"Legendary Swag" - I don't know why this track is called what it is because "Legendary Swag" is not mentioned in the song at all

"9 Miles to Empty" - This being the title track is the best track on this EP. Brian combined the beat with a live instrument, and it has a Rock element to it, this track is good. The only issue is there is no hook and "9 Miles to Empty" is not actually mentioned at all throughout the track.

"Best Thing in My Life" - The beat is smooth in this track, the rap is tight, and it is almost a catchy track. The vocals however, are weak and pitchy at times on this track especially in the harmonies, I think the vocals let him down.

"On Fire" - This song is catchy and the most uptempo on the EP.

"Stress Relief" - Another song with no hook

Not a bad effort by Brian The Gifted on his first EP. I think with future records he needs to lift the mood, and add some upbeat tracks in the mix.

He's a good rapper, he's got flow and he can write, however, it would be great if he can be more creative with the music and production and alter his tone to boost the sound.

An added bonus actual structure to the songs -

If it is Brian's intention to produce "Non-raunchy music that doesn't degrade women with minimal profanity and with lyrics that average people can relate to, not just the rich. Most importantly - real music that reflects , real situations and experiences. Not just random ego music". Then he delivered with this EP.

It seems as though this EP was created because Brian The Gifted need to get some things off his chest, he put it all on paper and added music.

I guess that is all were it begins.

9 MILES TO EMPTY is available now. Click the link.

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