18 March 2012


Staying true to her word here, AlphamMama really shows her versatility in her debut instalment "TRUTHS, TRIPS & REVELATIONS". There is no boxing this girl into one genre or particular sound. 

The AlphaMama not only has the gift of a supremely diverse vocal, she is also talented enough to combine a variation of musical genre's with her "CRAZY, SEXY, COOL" lyrics to deliver her story.

As soon as you press play, the first track on Truths, Trips & Revelations gets your head bopping and your body grooving. As the story goes on, the music mellows out. It is almost as if the AlphamMama was experiencing some sh#$%t in her life at the time and goes through the motions and emotions, expresses what she feels and learns the lessons.

The title, Truths, Trips & Revelations summarises the lyrical content of the album.  Although, it might be somewhat of a tongue twister, it does give you an idea of what you will hear.  The album is a small part of the AlphaMama's life journey, it’s the truth, she has experiences, she trips but gets up and keeps going You don’t have to worry, no don’t say you’re sorry, don’t you worry about meand at the end she has a revelation, perhaps realising that "LIFE IS IMPORTANT"

This album in it's entirety delivers a sweet combination of Neo-Soul, Funk, Reggae, Pop, Rock, R & B, Hip Hop, the Spoken Word and smoothly produced beats mixed well with live instruments.  The AlphaMama's powerful voice and her range is showcased in each track and helps define her unique underground sound.  Vocally "She's in Control".

The production on Truths, Trips & Revelations is superior and you can tell, the producers, West Labz Sound have a great level of experience and are hella creative.  Experimenting with the use of varying samples and effects, they create a distinctive sound.

To showcase Alphamama's indivuality and diversity and give you an idea, as to what to expect, from, Truths, Trips & Revelations, I am going to review a few of the tracks with a comparison or example of an artist or song her vocal or the track might be similar too.



"IF Ya Gon Lie" - The groovy beat in this track gets your shoulders moving, it is a great opening hit.  This is very Erykah Badu. The tone and pronunciation of words - very Baduizm.

"She's In Control" - This joint right here is a banging Hip Hop beat with that rock element to it! It's almost head banging.  It features one of my favourite local MC's Kween G from the Killa Queenz! All I feel when I hear this track is POWERFUL

"Crazy, Sexy, Cool" - On the Reggae tip this track not my favourite and then it just ends.

"Leave the Lights On" - This song is catchy, it sounds a little pop.

"MooDjack" - This track starts off a little Pop, then becomes Neo Soul, perhaps it can be compared to Angie Stone, great harmonies and arrangements in this track

"Treat You Right" - This track is very soulful, very Corinne Bailey Rae, I love the spoken word in this track.

"Obsession" - This joint is very neo soul, although there is a electric guitar thrown in the mix.  Her vocal sounds very Jill Scott, I'm feeling the spoken word and the breakdown is very Janet Jackson.

"Alabama Attack" - I am not sure why this song is called "Alabama Attack", because all I hear are the words "You don't have to worry". A little bit Reggae, a power vocal, 

"The Unknown" - This is a very dark song

"Bad Appel" - This track featuring another amazing and underrated local Sydney artist Ngaire is my favourite on the album.  I think both lyrically & musically this song on point.  It has that Reggae back beat, with a soulful vocal. Great track, catchy chorus, and delivering a great story.
The breakdown rocks my world. Lookout for NGAIRE she is something special.

Check out the hot video:  

"Wonder Woman" -  This vocal in this track is very Lisa Stansfield. Loving the inclusion of the brass section in this track. 

"Dawning" - This song sounds very 90's, Alphamama sounds like the girls from Xscape.

"Life is Important" - The revelation.  I am loving the music in this track. You can dance to it, you can do some kinda 2 step dance. It builds to a high. The lyrics have meaning. 

Truths, Trips & Revelations is a good album, not only because the AlphaMama can write great songs and delivers with her vocal, but this album is what it is because she worked with some of Sydney's talented musos, producers and sound engineers to bring it together.  It is very well written. produced arranged and mixed, so props must go to all who collaborated on this album, there are too many too mention, but you can read about them in the little insert, where AlphaMama gives thanks.

My only criticism is, Alphamama should stick to singing and the spoken word, no rapping. Her voice is too beautiful for all that.  Leave the rapping to the Kween G's of the world.  

Truths, Trips & Revelations is not only unique, and catchy at the same time, it’s easy listening and it gets you grooving!  Thankfully, it still has an underground sound, it is not overly commercial, each song sounds different and it is unlike anything you will hear on the air waves right now. 

TRUTHS, TRIPS & REVELATIONS will be available on Itunes in April or you can go to a JB HI FI store or if you can't wait email info@alphamama.com. Make sure you cop it!

First EP released by Alphamama available now here.

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