21 March 2012


DJ Name: Dj Liche

Genre:  Various including neo soul, soul, rnb, funk, 80’s funk, hip hop, old school, house, electro & mash- up. (my fav to spin out of these would have to be neo soul, rnb & funk) 

Number of years on the Decks: 12 years 

Any Mixtapes: Love mixtapes but never have the time to put them together myself. 

First gig: A private gig - fancy dress 21st birthday for 100 people.

How did you learn the art: I believe there are three parts to the art of Djing, firstly the skills of mixing and technique, secondly the art of reading a crowd and thirdly, music knowledge. The art of mixing and technique I learnt from other dj’s back in the day. Learning to read a crowd, I seemed to pick up really quickly but I also think this comes with experience of doing gigs. Music knowledge is something I’ve been into since I was about 8 years old. My mother used to like playing records a lot and whenever we were in the car or on road trips (which was a lot) my mother, sister and I used to sing along to the songs. I paid attention to music, the lyrics and artists. I never realised that years later this would be the thing that would get me started on djing after speaking to a dj who was impressed with my musical knowledge. 

Do you practice at home:  I rarely have time to practice and I think that once you have been Djing for as long as I have it becomes second nature. 

Your favourite type of music: Neo Soul & Smooth Groove rnb 

Your favourite track of all time: Give Me The Night’ by George Benson

Your favourite artist of all time: This is a hard one for me to answer as there are so many fantastic artists out there and I’m a music fanatic. But if I have to pick out of the old school artists you can’t go past Stevie Wonder, he is timeless there is no date on his music like some of today’s music. Out of modern day music one of my favourites would have to be Jaheim, love that smooth, sexy sound of his voice. 

Favourite gig:  This would have to be 2005 Club Revolution Dj Comp at ‘The Tav’ (Castle Hill Tavern back in the day) it was a Thursday night with 1,000 strong crowd. I was the only female in the comp and it was amazing, to actually hear over the top of the tracks I was playing everyone in the crowd sing along to all the tracks I played. From that comp I earned residency with the dj company. 

Career Highlight: Taking Grammy Nominee Anthony David’ to my resident gig in Wollongong back in 2009. The crowd that night were awesome and Anthony had so much fun after he finished performing he ended up taking over the mic and mcíng alongside me. 

What do you think about the music today compared to when you first started Djing: A lot of music out today seems to have a used by date in some genre’s, which is sad, music seems to be in and out so quickly. But in saying that I am always discovering some fantastic artists which are taking it back to the simplicity form and you can hear songs that actually have good lyrics with ‘verses’ and not just one or two lines in the songs that repeat. 

What can the people expect to hear from you set: It really depends on where I’m playing. It could be anything from neo soul rnb funk smooth grooves to a commercial banging club set. I’m pretty versatile and love so many different styles of music. 

Get out of trouble track (Dance floor clearing, you drop it the crowd jumps up): It’s very cliché but Fatman Scoop’s "Be Faithful" usually works for club sets. 

What's hot for you right now: Going back to the old Funk Music with feel good soul train kind of vibes. 

Radio Show: Back in December 2010 after co-hosting the Mixxbosses radio show, I founded the ‘Soul D’lite Radio Show’ the concept originated from a couple of special events I did back in 2006 called Soul D’lite. I found there really wasn’t anything around on the airwaves in Sydney that showcased todays’ neo soul, soul and smooth groove rnb and in Sydney and across Australia we have some fantastic soul talent that really should be exposed on the airwaves. Since my show has started the local soul scene has come leaps and bounds in reaching a bigger audience, there have been a few more shows pop up here and there and the soul scene community are really getting behind and supporting each other. For me it’s fantastic to see the music spread for more people to enjoy. Soul D’lite Radio has grown immensely since first airing and we have had some awesome local and international guests on the show including Électric Empire’, Darryl Beaton & the D1 Cartel, Alphamama, Tansy Mayhew, Jeniqua, Anthony David, Heston, Avery Sunshine, Horace Brown, David Mensah, Corey Williams and more recently Winston Warrior. Soul D’lite is a mix of the new neo soul, soul, rnb, jazz & funk and taking you back to where these styles came from. Also showcasing local and international artists which you may or may not have heard from, but all make quality music. I am very blessed to be able to share this with others who appreciate this style of music. 

Airs – Wednesday nights from 9-11pm on 88.1 2RDJ FM you can live stream 2RDJ FM 

Twitter – www.twitter.com/SoulDlite 

Facebook – www.facebook.com/SoulDliteRadio 

Soul D’lite TV  www.youtube.com/SoulDlite 
Places the people can catch you: Currently spinning fortnightly at Grown And SexyThursdays, O Nightclub in Kings Cross and also guest spots around different clubs. 


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