28 March 2012


DJ Name: Trey

Genre:  Soul, R&B, Disco, Funk, Hip-Hop & Jazz

Number of years on the Decks: 12 Years Dj-ing 8 years in Clubs

Any Mixtapes: Yes Plenty … nothing through a label though – YET! Here’s just a few:

John Legend Australian Tour Mixtape – 2011
Sade Australian Tour Mixtape – 2011
Brian McKnight & Dwele Tour Mixtape - 2011
Flavours On Friday Vol. #1 - 2009
Flavours On Friday Vol. #2 – 2010

The list goes on ….. if you’re looking for any of my mixtapes you can find them on my facebook page – In my photo albums there’s an album there called my Mixtapes .. With the album covers and track listings

I have a new mixtape coming out soon ... It’s a promotional mixtape for this years MADE IN THE 90s TOUR! It’s going to be a good one to! 

First gig: First club gig was at Red Room @ Hotel Chambers back in 2005

How did you learn the art: My uncle used to be a DJ, he pretty much taught me all the basics. I’ve spent years now perfecting my beat mixing and getting it to the level that I am at now, just from listening practicing and trying things out.

Do you practice at home:  Yes. I wouldn’t call it practice now though but sometimes it feels good to dig up the old records and shake the dust off them.

Your favourite type of music: My favourite type of music would have to be some SMOOTH SOUL MUSIC … any type that is good for two-steppin’

Your favourite track of all time: That is an impossible questions to answer – I just can’t do it 

Your favourite artist of all time: This is another impossible question to answer but I do have my list of 8 favorite artists that I need to see live before I die. I’ve almost completed my list – only a few left.   Michael Jackson - Check, Stevie Wonder - Check, Prince, Musiq Soulchild, Dwele - Check, Raphael Saddiq - Check, Maxwell – Check, D’Angelo

Favourite gig:  My favourite gig would still have to be Red Room @ Hotel Chambers. After 7 years of playing old school week in and week out – I never get bored of the music or the crowd. The crowd has changed over the years but there’s always some space for some education

Career Highlight: My highlight so far in my career would have to be playing for Brian McKnight & Dwele – two of my favorite artists and just really nice guys. I’ve played for bigger audiences before but not before artists of that caliber.

What do you think about the music today compared to when you first started Djing: When I first started Dj-ing all the music coming out was still brilliant. Every next track was amazing. These days I’m finding less and less mainstream music that I enjoy listening too let alone playing. Not a fan of changes .. :)

What can the people expect to hear from you set: Really it depends on where some people catch me playing. In every set I always try to drop as much stuff as people either don’t know – or haven’t heard in years. There’s too many Dj’s playing the same stuff these days.

Get out of trouble track (Dance floor clearing, you drop it the crowd jumps up): There’s no such thing as trouble on the dance floor. You can’t please everyone – but as long as one person is dancing to something unknown I’m playing – then I’m happy!

What's hot for you right now: Right now I’m listening to a couple of things that I’m enjoying.. Gregory Porter new album ‘Be Good’ and a new group called The Internet, their album called ‘Purple Naked Ladies’ .. It’s different but I think I like it ..

Radio Show: I have two radio spots people can catch me: 
Places the people can catch you: 
  • Wednesdays: Play @ Bj’s
  • Thursdays: Boom Boom Room @ Hotel Chambers,Greenwood Thursdays or Sapphire      Lounge
  • Fridays: Marble Bar with Brown Sugar, Eve @ Trademark or The Seed 2.0 @ Docks     Hotel 
  • Saturdays: Red Room @ Hotel Chambers or Marble Bar With The Radio City Cats.
  • Sundays: PJ Gallagher’s with Dj Carl Alley + Friends or Sydney Soul Block Party

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