6 March 2012

Getting to know the ALPHAMAMA

AlphaMama, firstly, thank you very much for your time, first of all I want to say congratulations on your success to date.

You must be very happy that you can make a living and career from doing what you love and are really great at.

I am a big fan so am grateful for this interview.

You're welcome Angel, thank you! :) 

The first question I want to ask you is where did you come up with the name AlphaMama? What is your meaning behind it? AlphaMama is about me learning to embrace my power as a mother and an artist.. In my eyes all women are alphamamas. It's not that we are more alpha than our male counterparts but it's learning to direct and enhance our unique energy to heal nurture and grow life. I try to live as an AlphaMama in all areas of my life. Alphamama is power, courage, harmony, kindness healing and love!!
I first decided I needed a stage name a few years, mainly because not many people could pronounce my last name and I wanted a name that I felt represented who I was as an artist. So, I took my initials A M and the fact that I was a new mother (my son is 4 years old now) and made AlphaMama.

Wow you're a mother as well, how do you juggle being a mother, recording artist and performer? It's a way of life ive become used to and I won't say it's easy. I try to always keep in the forefront of my mind what my life means. Life can mean anything you want and for me it is to be happy, healthy and harmonious. When I remember those things everything falls into place. The time I spend with my son is intentional and intimate so that I don't feel guilty when we're apart. I have so much support from my friends and family which makes life easier as a single mother. Basically I do anything and everything I can to keep the harmony between all the elements of my life.

Alphamama you are very beautiful, where were you born, and what is your background? Thank you! :) My Father is Indonesian and my Mother is South African with German, Dutch and Scottish heritage.

Wow what a great mix! :)

So how long have you been singing for, where did you get that Power vocal? Was your mother a singer
? I was always an entertainer as a kid, it was in my nature from ever since I can remember. My dad had an Indonesian church and so I learned a lot from my years of playing and singing in church. i think I never felt that I had a typical beautiful voice, as in I didn't have a beautiful tone and I couldn't do amazing runs so I just learned to develop my belt. Singing in situations with no fold back and terrible sound also made me adjust my sound.

When did you know you wanted to be a singer and recording artist? I only really consciously decided at around 21 that I wanted to be a singer and make a living from music. Before that I had too much pride to let me acknowledge my dream. I was scared of failing so I never let myself go for it. But over the years I've been developing my confidence and have achieved things I never thought I would.

Do you write all your own songs? I do write all of my own songs. I collaborate with musicians/producers sometimes but I have written my own lyrics/melodies so far. Not to say that I wouldn't ever sing something someone else has written. I believe in good songs and if I can connect with a lyric, I'll sing it.

How does it feel to be sharing your music with the world? For me that's exactly what music is about. Sharing energy, sharing stories, sharing feelings. I really embrace the power I have through music to change, move and heal people through music. I definitely haven't managed to achieve that on a global scale yet, but it is an
achievable goal for me that I look forward to.

Who are artists you find inspire your music? Inspiration for me is everywhere. Its in my backyard with the amazing Australian music scene. Its everyone that I grew up listening to from mum's daggy record collection to all the new jack swing I stole off my brother. I listen to everything and never rule anything out. To name a few: Helen Reddy, Janet Jackson, TLC, Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Wonder, Erykah Badu, Mariah Carey, Bob Marley, Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, Curtis Mayfield, Sly and The Family Stone, The Temptations…. I could go on for days.

What are your favourite tracks out now? Ummm.. I'm pretty slow on the new music scene. Probably my favourite music are my Melbourne friends  RunForYourLife and their track "Work Hard" or anything off their album

Wow I love the fact that you chose a local band as your favourite!

One of the other things I love about you is your uniqueness. I just love the way you dress for your shows and on your video clips? Do you have a stylist? I've been styling myself for years but recently I've been collaborating with a beautiful Stylist/Designer named Angela White. She makes my costumes and she gets my

look. We have heaps of fun together!
Do have a passion for fashion & where do you draw inspiration from? I definitely love fashion but no so much what's necessarily "in". For my its more about self expression and that can be in any art form. I like to shock and draw reactions from people and I like the freedom to change my look whenever I feel like it. I get inspiration from other artists and also magazines, I like to research women's fashion and its evolution throughout the world. My look can go from ghetto to tribal to oriental to egyptian. And that's just in a week.

What do you think of the music today? I think like anything its subject to opinion and personal taste. There's good shit and bad shit all the time. What I do love about music today is that its so easy to make because technology is so accessible. As a result there is SO much music to check out and not nearly enough time to process it!!

What do you think of the music industry today? I hate it and I love it. Artists are forced to be entrepreneurial and business savvy to get anywhere. You have 2 roads now and that's independent or label and both have their pros and cons. I actually love the fact that music is downloadable and free and it forces artists to get off their ass and put on killer shows or create new avenues of making money that benefits more people over all. I know its fun to bitch and moan about the industry but at the end of the day, if someone else can understand it and have success why can't I or anyone else?

What would you say to others out there trying to make it? I would say: What are you making? In one way I feel like I've already "made it" because I'm completely happy with where I am and what I've done and I am successful. But in another way I feel like I will have never "made it" because you can always go higher. Get rid of the made it mindset because its unhealthy and focus more on developing yourself as a human being first and an artist that way you will always be happy with your success.

GREAT ANSWER! Believe anything is possible and do-able!

So you have released your first album? Congrats, please tell us about it..... 
My debut album Truth, Trips and Revelations is a complilation of inspiring tracks showcasing a unique sound: an eclectic fusion of pop, soul, hip hop and reggae. Collaborating with Sydney Production team West Labz Sound,The result is a record that fearlessly crosses musical genres and busts out of creative boxes. The album delivers a transparently honest view into my experiences, heartbreaks and lessons learned. The first chapter is a story listeners can relate to and connect with. Truth, Trips and Revelations takes you through tales of broken down relationships, new love, teenage rebellion, depression and ends on an uplifting infectious celebration of life. Expect to be overwhelmed by the musical depths on this Album.

Who features on it? Features by Kween G and Ngaiire

Who produced it? Production by West Labz Sound

I just love the clip for Bad Appel, tell us about the song... I wrote Bad appel when I first moved out of home. I felt a lot of pressure from my family to conform and make them happy but I wanted to follow my own dreams and heart. I felt like the black sheep and in a way I was trying to say 'look at how you shape and mould your children'.. So expressing that was important for me but it is more important to take responsibility for myself and take my life by the balls!

Let's take a look at the clip.......

Is your album available on Itunes now? Not yet but will be soon. I have an EP and single available on itunes

How would you primarily describe your sound now? Hahah it changes everyday. I would say… "indie soul" but I hate labels. I would like to say that I can sound however, I want to sound

I like that, they can't put you in a box and your versatility shows on stage!

What does the future hold for AlphaMama? Thank you. Actually a lot of exciting things coming up. After this album I'm focusing on a new project that is a lot more current and accessible to the pop market. Its something I never thought I would do but I love it and I know its going to give me a bigger audience and allow me to flow power to more people.

This sounds exciting any "Exclusive" announcements?
So this new project just got signed to a major record label but that's all I can say at the moment

What do you want to say to your fans and followers? You've all got amazing taste in music!! HAHAHHA
Where can your fans catch you next? My album launch 7th March Oxford Art Factory and then Taste Festival 8th March, and Watussi Support at the Metro 23 March.



There you have it if you don't know ALPHAMAMA now you do! If you have not seen this girl sing LIVE well I suggest you do!

She blows the roof off a joint!

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