2 May 2012


Today I was asked a question that I never thought I would be asked in this day and age. 

I went to a venue to do an inspection for an event I am working on and the Venue Manager politely says to me "I hate to ask, but what type of ethnicity are you expecting to attend the event?".

I was absolutely beside myself, but remained calm.

Australia is one of the WORLD'S most multi-cultral countries, we have people from all
nations living here who make this such a great place to live in.

People from everywhere want to come and live here as it is a safe and beautiful country, with plenty of opportunity.

I have been living in Australia since I was 6 years old, I am an Australian citizen and I consider myself Australian of South African descent.

I cannot believe that in this day and age and in a country so racially diverse . That someone would ask me such a question.

I actually did not know what to answer and asked him and simply said "What do you mean by that?". He made reference to "LADS" attending a previous event, also a group of people which he obviously did not like.

For the record, I am hoping that alot of AUSTRALIANS will attend our event, whether they be of ASIAN, LEBANESE, INDIAN, AFRICAN, AMERICAN, SUDANESE, ABORIGINAL, ITALIAN, ROMANIAN, RUSSIAN, ENGLISH, GERMAN, MALTESE, INDONESIAN or ISLANDER decent and the list goes on.

I just want to say to him and anyone else out there who thinks like & perhaps feels the way he does PLEASE ACCEPT people of all nations and embrace them, because they are who makes AUSTRALIA the amazing country it is.


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  2. So, you don't think Australians are racist? Well, I do.