11 May 2012

JUSTIN BEIBER - A new found respect

I didn't think I would ever write a blog about Justin Beiber, but whilst surfing some skimming through some videos this morning, I came across this....

I learnt so much about this young international star from this interview, with Ryan Seacrest & I had to express my admiration.

This kid is super smart, super charismatic, witty and super special.

He interviewed so well and displayed a maturity way beyond his years.

Then I heard this...

"Boyfriend", Justin Beiber's new single, he wrote this song.. WOW!

This track has a crazy beat, props to the producers and Justin Beiber owns each verse in delivery.

Boy has he grown up, in the clip he has a certain confidence.

It is very Justin Timberlake. but with Beiber's edge.

My favourite part is when he plays the guitar, the kid has major talent and an old soul.

We actually boogied down in the club to Boyfriend and I was excited to hear it. WOW! WOW! 

I actually can't wait to see what he releases next.

Peep the YING YANG REMIX of Boyfriend.  I like this version too.

UH OH! I think I've caught the BEIBER FEVER!!!!

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