11 December 2011

POP LIFE inside SMASH HITS magazine

I recently attended an event with my good journo friend, James Gorman called POP LIFE!

I actually had no idea what the event was I was just told that the theme was 80's so I had to dress that way!

Naturally, since I feel like I am stuck in the 80's I rushed to put an outfit together! 

With thanks to my sister in law Tiana Canterbury this is what we managed to come up with!

My partner in crime decided to opt for the legendary MJ outfit, which he had ordered in from China!

I was quite surprised James had gone to such lengths for this event so naturally was looking forward to an eventful night!

Only thing is that on arrival James and I and two other girls were the only people dressed for the occasion! We had a good laugh!

It was only after scouting the room that I realised we were at a book launch.

We were immediately greeted by the author of the book called "POP LIFE" - Marc Andrews who shook our hands and said "Love your outfits".  I felt like hired entertainment.

The one free drink we received took me back! It was a drink that went dancing off the shelves in the 80's called "Passion Pop" it tasted exactly the same as it did back then only worse - Vomit in a can with bubbles!.

Back in the day it was in a bottle, now a can, but I guess it was an appropriate sponsor fitting in with the "POP" theme.

Marc Andrews, Claire Isaac and David Nichols were all writers and editors in Australia's biggest selling POP magazine "SMASH HITS", which was printed from 1984 - 2007 before its demise into digital world.

POP LIFE is an unofficial "insider's guide" to all the happenings at "Smash Hits" magazine head quarters Australia and the adventures of the writers and the amazing interviews they and people they met.

The book talks about the creation of "Smash Hits" magazine, an in-depth description of its content and different sections and it takes you on the journey of their experiences, and what Australia was like in the 80's whilst POP music was thriving.

There is a section in the middle with pictures and autographs and excerpts which really remind of you of the original "SMASH HITS".

Each chapter is the name of an 80's tune and the writers really give an honest insight into what went on in "SMASH HITS" headquarters and it uses the dialect that they created for the magazine, of which you might see used in this blog.


Grab a copy of "POP LIFE" here http://www.affirmpress.com.au/ it is worth a read!
The event was fun for me. I loved being one of the only people dressed up. It was hosted by the very entertaining Jane Gazzo from Channel (V).

We got to see performances by none other than the 80's sensation and 2 hit wonder (well that's all I remember - 2 hits) Melissa Tkautz who by the way is looking amazing in her 40's and has apparently released another single.

Here's a secret I actually got to work with Melissa (back in the day when I was studying Drama) in a play where she played the Queen and I played her regal servant I had to stand beside her fanning her with a palm! I was so excited! My dad on the other hand was completely disappointed you could imagine what it was like living in "not so" multi cultural Australia back in those days!
We also heard the amazing David Campbell belt out two 80's tracks sounding just like Jimmy only more soulful. "Crumbs".
Also, the "Introvert Extravert" guy attempted to 2 sings 2 songs one which he apparently learnt the night before and the other his own song, both of which he had to read the lyrics and failed to make eye contact with the audience. I walked to get a drink half through his performance.

The lady who stole the show on a performance level was definitely "Chrissy Bray from We Go Bang Bang" she "Pumped Up the Jam" and "Pushed it Real Good" on the stage and got the crowd going.

I just love 80's music!

Other "girls" that were present on the night were 3 of the original 
members of the group "GIRLFRIEND" - remember them? I loved all their music well their 1 album! Robyn still looks amazing.
Here's another secret I was in a group back in the 90's when "Girlfriend" were around, I was 16 years old, we had a recording contract on the table with "Regular Records" ("Kate Cebrano's label at the time) they wanted us to take on "Girlfriend", but the deal fell through.

I may have been on the cover of "Smash Hits" magazine. Boing!

My favourite part of the "SMASH HITS" magazine was the pull out posters!

I could not wait to pick up a copy so I could cover my walls and school books in posters of my favourite artists.

If you like me are a child who grew when you waited for "SMASH HITS" magazine to hit the shelves then make sure you grab a copy of "POP LIFE".

I was lucky enough to be given a copy for this review and Marc & Claire signed it for me.
So grab your copy, it will take you on journey way back "back into time".

"Take it from Me!"



Angel Champion


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