20 December 2011


Ladies, don't know about you but I am tired of the same ol' designs on racks and shelves in woman's clothing stores, the same ole styles that lack uniqueness, class and quality!

I was happy when Zara came to our shores because I knew at least their designs would have that European or overseas look to them.

Well now I am extremely happy to let you know that one of our own home grown local boys has heard my cry and feels the same way I do about fashion in Australia and has recognised the gap and the need for good classy designs. He has recently launched his new Autumn / Winter range for 2012 and his new boutique located in Pyrmont.

This young creative genius is using his natural ability and flare to bring some great European influenced fashion to our shores, creating timeless stylish pieces.

VOIJSLAV Marjanovic & Model
Introducing VOIJSLAV pronounced Voislav!

Thank you VOIJSLAV for joining us. I am absolutely in LOVE with your designs!

What made you choose a career in fashion design?
When I was about 13 , I started to visualize women in clothing and naturally started to sketch fashion illustrations of the designs I had in my mind. During my high school years my passion for fashion and desire to design grew stronger. I came to the strong realisation that it was my destiny to design clothes and create my own luxury fashion line.

Where did you learn the art? 

Initially I was accepted in the prestigious east Sydney fashion design school at which I completed my diploma in fashion design. I was actually quite lucky , whilst I was doing work experience at Carla Zampatti she offered me a job as the Design and Production Assistant. I then when to work for 2 other fashion houses after Carla Zampatti and by the end of it I was the Head Designer. Throughout my career working for different designers and products I was able to absorb techniques and use my natural ability to understand the craft (ART) of fashion design.

How are you finding it so far? 

Fabulous, my business is young and growing very well . I love what I do and I love to create beautiful clothing.

Retail is going through some up’s and downs but I try not to think too much about it and just keep pushing my desire to create and promote the VOIJSLAV brand.

Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

My designs are inspired by all forms of art, museums, books, film, travel and exotic European culture. My mind is also completely visual, I often see designs in my mind which come naturally .

What type of woman would love your designs?
I design clothes for today’s modern women who want to feel special and who to look different from today’s mainstream style. They are confident in who they are and what they want, not just in fashion but lifestyle as well.

I feel that each collection has a wide range of styles for the 25 – 60 range.

Who are some other designers you like? They keep changing, at the moment I am loving, LANVIN , ETRO , BYBLOS , DONNA KARAN , SALVATORE FERRAGAMO, ZHUAR MURAD.


What is your favourite saying in fashion talk? "Long after price is forgotten quality is remembered".

Tell us about your winter collection? 
The new collection and 3rd for the Voijslav label focuses on modern and sharp contemporary lines, contrasted with delicate draping and flowing silhouettes. The clean construction of this collection is equally as important as the design using very fine and delicate finishing techniques which give the garments Voijslav’s signature style and opulence. In addition, the collection features a Sunset inspired print design that was created by Voijslav and has been hand printed on a super fine silk.

So ladies, if you are loving what you see, as much as I do then feel free to shop online at http://www.voijslav.com.au or pop in to meet Voijslav at his Showroom 116, No 243 Pyrmont St Pyrmont NSW.

I guarantee, you will not walk out empty handed, just tell Voijslav Angel sent you.


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