11 December 2011


I was lucky enough to attend the "official" opening of The Hard Rock Cafe in Darling Harbour Sydney.

WHOAH What a night it was!

It started out the front of the venue where a huge stage was erected and there were some great rockers on stage. 

A crowd gathered to see what all the fuss was about with Sydney's Darling Harbour as the back drop it was a great setting! 

The outdoor stage was hosted by Radio host Mike Goldman, he's ok - it's a hard job.  

The stand out for me was Sarah Mcleod, the woman is one "helluva" HARD ROCK chic, tattoos and all!

We did miss Stan Walker's performance, but I purchased his CD and wished him well. 

In keeping up with the true Hard Rock tradition they held an official guitar smashing ceremony! 

The CEO, GM of Hard Rock Aus and some musicians including; Hamish Prosser from the Vines, the current drummer in Guns N' Roses Matt Sorum, Stan Walker, Sarah McLeod and more took part.

It was a great thing to witness, pieces of guitars flying everywhere, it looked like fun! 


Check out Sarah McLeod smashed that guitar to pieces.

After that it was off to the red carpet. LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION.   We then waited near the ROCK SHOP down stairs before being let loose upstairs.


On the walls and ceilings and in cabinets in the Hard Rock Cafe upstairs there garments, photos and memorabilia from music legends plastered and placed everywhere. 

I was excited when I found a dress Beyonce wore in one of her shows in a glass cabinet.

The rest of the night was fabulous, although the food took forever to come out it was plentiful and there was an open bar all night long, with some great flair artists showing off their tricks! 

During the night I bumped into some of my friends, including; Max Markson, my boys Nacho Pop & Malik D and my friends my Mi Society

Angel & Mad Max Markson
Mi Society
My boy Malik (on the far left) and 2 of the
Sydney Kings
players with  Aaron Moldovan

I also met some great people including, DJ Lethal from Limp Biskit, Short Stack & some Sydney Kings players.

Throughout the night the Hard Rock stage hosted a huge ROCK concert, which featured many rock artists including, Matt Sorum, Mark Evans from ACDC, Angry Anderson and the one and only DOC NEESON. He was just awesome! I have never seen him live but wow what a performer he is.  Doc was so theatrical and still had a great voice! I got to talk to him before his set and I think I said "Wow Doc, you are still rocking on" and ROCK ON he did! 

Doc & Mark Evans ACDC

Doc Neeson
It was a great night!

At the end of the night I found my personal universal message I have been preaching to the world:



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