10 November 2011

Dark in Character, Intense in Taste

Most people in my world know that I am scotch drinker and I always say it takes a strong woman to drink a scotch, on the rocks.

So when my friend James invited me along to the offical Sydney launch of Johnnie Walker Double Black (JWDB), I was naturally intrigued (as I like all things black ;) ) and I said to him - Johnnie "DOUBLE" Black - yes I'm there!
Notice the leopard print.. ;)
On arrival at the launch at The Bellevue Hotel in Paddington we were greeted by a beautiful red head named Sasha and her very intelligent counterpart Ed.  Sasha reminded me of "Poppy Montgomery" from that crime show "Unforgettable", both Ed and Sasha were very welcoming.

After a brief introduction, we made our way to the "upstairs" section of the stylishly renovated hotel where we were greeted by another lovely lady, who invited us try a JWDB drink at the very strategically decorated bar.

 At the first sip, I knew I was going to enjoy this blend.  The whisky gives off a smoky aroma and as it hits the palette, an orange zest taste sizzles on the tongue...as it makes it's way down the esophagus it is smooth, smoky and silky - no more burn.

In my younger years I would drink Johnnie Red with a mixer, (soda & fresh lime) but as the palette has aged, I have become more of a single malt on the rocks kind of gal. Johnnie Black would be the only blend that I would drink also on the rocks I am happy to say now though, that John Walker and Sons have done it!

With JWDB they have found the perfect blend, they have created a single malt tasting scotch - it's so smooth and I am happy it's my new drink!
As the night went on, we were approached by my friend David, from Mi Society to take a picture at the media wall with Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador, Charlie Downing, what a handsome young man he was.

After taking the photo we then ventured over to the sampling room where we were given a very informative crash course by JW educator, Luke Reddington on how the smoky flavoured Double Black came about and what we could expect from the taste.
Check out Luke's Arm bands from
back in the 80's
We compared JW Black to JW Double Black
mmmmm smoother ;)
Taken from their comp card, here's,"HOW TO TASTE JOHNNIE WALKER DOUBLE BLACK":
AROMA - Smokiness, The Atlantic

FIRST SIP - Orange Zest, Rich intense and smoky, notes of spice

PALATE - Smoke, Dried Fruits, Creamy Vanilla

FINISH - Resonating smoke, fuller finish of rich fruit

SERVE - Best served with water: this is the perfect way to release the smoky flavours

Luke knew his stuff. 

We then ventured back to the bar for a very strong JWDB cocktail with a dash of Absynth (I couldn't drink it) and bumped into Les Hill, who was enjoying a couple of scotches, we had a brief chat, nice fellow. No photo sorry.

Towards the end of the night we learnt about the "perfect" JWDB served over chopped ice (it doesn't water it down). For me the perfect drink!

It was a great event, great job done by the organisers and it is a great tasting whisky!

I really think the JWDB best describes me "DARK IN CHARACTER, INTENSE IN TASTE". ;)

So go on, head to the bar or the bottle shop and try it. but always drink responsibly.


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