25 October 2011

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

I have been following the Celebrity Apprentice since the show launched, mainly because my good friend Andrew Morello won the very first season.

I have really enjoyed watching the show and believe it to be entertaining and educating.  Some parts were a little bit corny and over done, but for the most part it was worth watching.

Morello invited me to the filming of the final episode, which will air tonight, I brought some of my girls along with me and we were also accompanied by the world's best Business, Motivational coach and Corporate Warrior - Jacob Galea - blessed to be in his presence that evening if you don't know him you better get to know him.

Therese Hanna, 
Jacob Galea Angel & Friend
Upon arrival at the beautifully located, Taronga Zoo Function Centre we all rallied outside and networked.

Therese Hanna, Angel & Friend

Jacob Galea, Angel, Andrew Morello,
Therese Hanna

As we entered the first part of the venue, we were greeted with a huge camera and lights.  My girls and I were the first to walk in.

As I walked in I saw one of my idols from way back and now friend, Deni Hines first so gave her a big hug!

We then walked to the front of the room and drank champagne and nibbled on some sort of pork canape until the show started.

The Project - to create a television ad campaign for Mr Bouris' Yellow Brick Road.

The first campaign was created by 2 Celebrity finalists Jesinta Campbell and Shane Crawford; they also brought back Deni Hines and Didier Cohen to help them out.

We spoke to Jesinta an she was just lovely and looked absolutely stunning  in the most amazingly beautiful sparkly number! Deni made us laugh and Didier was a bit of a snob - waiving from afar - maybe he was shy.

I found their presentation to be quite wholesome and nice.  I really liked their television commercial because it featured a multi-cultural husband and wife couple and Deni Hines sang the hook.

We were then ushered out to the second presentation room but had to wait outside on the balcony, until they were ready to film, we soaked up the views.

The Second campaign was created by Julia Morris and Jason Coleman; they also brought Max Markson and Polly back to help out.

Not sure what Polly did, but the entire event and campaign came together well.
Upon entering the room we walked in under a rainbow of yellow balloons and followed the yellow carpet to our tables, we were presented with a yellow Mango Daiquiri and a yellow rose - I love all this - in my world presentation is everything and I am guessing Max gave it the wow factor!


Jason Coleman would have to be one of the best presenters and public speakers and I have told him this several occasions.

Julia Morris is just so funny, she had us in stiches - Make sure you check out her red sparkly shoes - Dorothy! ;) The two of them together in their presentation fed off eachother and were just brilliant!

Their commercial was humorous and effective - "Every Step of the Way".

It was a great night, the room was filled with colourful characters and thanks to Andrew we got to say a quick hello to Mr Bouris, although he was in a rush to leave.

On our way out we each got given a yellow "Yellow Brick Road" chocolate cup cake - delicious and that stayed in my mind for quite some time!
Salvatore Coco & Jacob Galea
Angel, Morello, Therese Hanna
The reality series, if nothing else was seriously entertaining and of course a huge plug for the Bouris empire.  I am looking forward to watching the final challenge tonight.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road.


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