17 October 2011


One of my great passions in life is dancing.

I have been dancing infront of the mirror for most of my life, before I go out I practice my moves and when I need a pick me up I bump the music and dance infront of the mirror.

Dancing frees my spirit and allows me to unwind and unleash an amazing energy.

I am a primarily a freestyler - but for the last 6 weeks I have taken up Samba classes for 2 reasons; 1. I love the Samba dance it's sexy, sensous and gives a great workout and 2. It is a huge part of the Brazilian culture, (a culture which I love and want to learn more about).

After taking the beginner course I have learnt Samba basics and I have been briefly educated on some background to Brazilian dance.

It's a wonderful culture which music and dance plays a huge part in!

I am hoping to continue onto the intermediate level and become better at Samba, so I hope to learn more these wonderful people - Rhythm Brazil.

I also love hip hop, r & b and old skool dancing.

South Africans have natural beat! We feel the rhythmn and get down to it!
My parents attended South African dances and when we were old enough we started attending and everyone in the room danced all night.

We also had many family parties were we would play the best music all night and dance to it.

Last Christmas was spent at my parents house I danced the entire day in their longeroom, (sometimes on my own because no-one could keep up with me :) ) it felt so good.    The moment I sat down which was 10pm at night I fell asleep!

Dancing excites my soul it makes me smile on the inside

I am surrounded in friends who are professional dancers and they are all so amazingly talented, my younger sister is also a dancer.  She is slowly building her name for herself in the Sydney dancing scene, she already performed on many stages and at many events, and she is only 16 years old.  She is gifted enough to pick up a routine within a couple of minutes of being taught. 
You can follow her career here - THE MAX FACTOR.

I wish it was that easy for me.  I find it hard to pick up let alone remember a whole routine but we surprised The Max Factor and gave it a go on her 16th birthday it was so much fun!

The Max Factor dances with a group called SAEA BANYANA.

These girls are nothing short of fierce!

These ladies take dance to a whole other level showcasing their natural beauty and using their creativity and culture to deliver outstanding performances.

SAEA' stands for South Africa, Ethiopia and Angola the beautiful countries that the girls represent. 'BANYANA' from Nguni meaning the girls.

Not just dancers these woman are creatives, professionals, entrepreneurs and mothers. Through their performances they encourage women to be strong, independent and unafraid of their inner power.

Whilst also bringing awareness to a thriving African culture in Australia these ladies are combining their creativity with their dance moves to inspire young woman.

They inspire me!  Just check this video out!

You will feel the power in their work.

Follow them or take a class - SAEA BANYANA


I'll be honest I did not like this song UNTIL I saw this video clip!!! The "UHOH" dance (well that's what I call it) is still a worldwide hit!!

And this song - well!

MOST DANCE MOVES originated in THE MOTHERLAND... (Well that's what I believe anyway) :)

Here are some places I love to dance in Sydney when I head out on the town:

Sol Lounge Bar - 239 Oxford Street DARLINGHURST
Free Entry, Free Pizza, Cheap drinks

My friends and I go there every so often on a Thursday night to dance! We run a night called "THERAPY THURSDAYZ!

We are trying to bring back the old skool as there is no where you can go these days to hear good old school Soul, R & B, Motown music.  So at Therapy we play it and we DANCE!

We do the bus stop, the electric slide, the sister slither, the soul train, someone says, the switch dance and we get down LOW!!!

It goes a little something like this...

And this...

I also love this venue because of the ICONIC artists painted on the walls - Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Alicia, Usher, Ray Charles, Jill Scott & many more. 

We happily just re-arrange the furniture to create our dancefloor and we order pizza which everyone can eat and I even have my own "leopard print" glass which remains in the bar... ;) 

One thing THERAPY THURSDAYZ at Sol Lounge is not short of is beautiful exotic woman and they all know how to shake their bootae's!

Talk about bringing the culture - it's a place where you go, meet great people and get some dance therapy.

There is no other venue or night like this in Sydney!

Don't come go to Sol Lounge if you are not prepared to DANCE!

Marble Bar - 488 George Street Sydney
Free Entry

There is nothing like dancing to the beats of LIVE instruments!

In Sydney there is only one place that you can go EVERY Friday night to catch a great R & B, Soul band live and that is of course at the Marble Bar where you will hear the outstanding vocals of Miss Lady Lyric, Miguel and their bretheren together they are BROWN SUGAR.

I frequent at this joint on a Friday night just to hear Lady Lyric belt some classic tunes and to dance to the best old school tracks delivered by the one and only DJ TREY - the boy has SOUL!

Nothing beats live music and Brown Sugar sure know how to deliver with an array of talented musos on rotation including Michael Dolce, Deni De Filippo & Darryl Beaton. At Marble Bar every Friday, expect nothing but good music that you can sing along too whilst shaking it on the dance floor - "All Night Long, All night!" 

HOUSESOLUTION at Zeta Bar - Hilton Hotel, 488 George Street Sydney
Cover Charge: Just $20

Another place I like to dance on a Saturday night is at Housesolution at Zeta Bar.

This night is run by one of Sydney's best promoters - RIB - Robert Ian Bonnick - everybody knows him and everybody loves him!

When you arrive at entrance to ZETA RIB is there to greet you with a smile and a BIG hug! But only until MIDNIGHT then the only place you will find RIB is on the dancefloor and boy can the man dance!

RIB lets loose with some FUNKY moves! You need to make the circle bigger people because when RIB is on the floor he uses every body part possible to make sure the beat resonates from his SOUL!

HOUSESOLUTION is one of the better nights in Sydney where the music is HOT thanks to one talented DJ ANTONIO ZAMBERELLI mixing some phat house tracks with some amazing tribal beats and the people are beautiful people.

The venue itself exudes class and you pay for it at the bar with pricy but exquisite cocktails.

At HOUSESOLUTION you can dress to impress or to express!

I love shaking my culo on the floor HOUSESOLUTION!

Give RIB a hug on the way through & Don't forget to DANCE!

Check out the pics!

I just LOVE to dance!

For more info on where to go and dance and to hear some classic old school tracks you can check out SYDNEY'S GOT SOUL .

Tell me about your favourite places to dance!


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