17 October 2011

Boutique Shopping

I  am avid shopper and I am referring to shopping for clothes, shoes, belts, bags, accessories, most woman's obsessions.

My mother refers to me on a regular basis as "Imelda Marcos" for my extensive shoe collection - she thinks I'm crazy! Well I am.

Angels Shoes
Angels Shoes
Imelda's Shoes
My friends frequently shop in my room as there are so many items to choose from and you never know what you will find, hats, bags, shoes, unique accessories - I'm an addict!

As I have slowly become woman, I have veered away from mainstream shopping malls and stores and venture more into boutiques!  Now-a-days (is that even a word?) when I am out pounding the streets I am always looking for cute boutiques with unique or one-off pieces and also a good bargain!

Unique pieces are so important to me that when I walk into a store I spend at least 20 minutes trawling through each item on the racks in search of that special item - the one that nobody has or that nobody will wear! ;)

Since working in retail I don't believe in paying full price for anything, some of you may think I am cheap but I prefer to call it astute.  Everytime I ask for a discount, I normally get it. (Try it)  Even if it is 10%, I am happy that they looked after me.  It really it works in their favour, because I ALWAYS go back and I spread the word amongst my girlfriends and family. (Not about the discount but about the store :) ).

I have taken so many of my people into so many boutiques over the years.

Sydney, has so many hidden exclusive stores that stock items in lesser quantities so that you can be sure when you walk down the street you will not see someone else wearing your pretty dress.

I wish I could showcase them all but herein lies a few of my most loved... Places I frequent located in my favourite part of Sydney.

 - 190 Harris St, Pyrmont NSW - Website

Stocking fun, fresh current fashion - Party dresses, Silky Kaftans, jeans, shorts, skirts, sexy shoes, fabulous accessories you name it they have it!  All at the most reasonable prices!

Leading lady Sandradee certainly has a great sense of style and  a great eye for fashion! She knows what a young funky woman wants.

Not too mention her warm welcoming persona.  If she is in the store when you walk in she will make you feel comfortable with words of welcome and with her beautiful smile!

I feel at home when I shop in St Frock.  Sandradee has definitely rubbed off on all the girls that work there as they provide very good service and make you feel like you are shopping in your own wardrobe - no pressure, just pleasure!

The layout of the store is really cool and warm and Sandradee leaves little special notes everywhere.. it's just so cool! :)

NB: I chose the ANGEL bag! ;))

For those of you that can't make it in you can shop online here - ST FROCK or on their website (above).

Check out this cool vid of St Frocks first birthday celebration! (Courtesy of my friends at UNSEEN TV).   See if you can spot me! :) What a fun night it was - thanks Sandradee! ;)

Head on down to St Frock ladies! You'll be smiling all the way home! ;)

 - 125 Harris Street Pyrmont - Website

Another little local icon I love and which co-incidently I used to work at many moons ago is City Flair!

Located right in the heart of the historic Pyrmont precint 1km from the heart of Sydney this store sure is a little gem.
On arrival at City Flair you need to appreciate the beautiful baronial style building which houses it, it happens to be one of Pyrmont's heritage listings and rightfully so.  Please also take note of the logo crown's, appropriately placed in the frosted windows.
Not only do they specialise in clothing for the 'mature' woman and some rare jewellery and accessories, City Flair is a place where you can find specialised gifts, clothes and accessories for your little bambinos and some very useful items for parents.

The beautiful owner Leanne, one of the loveliest people I know, loves her little boutique and takes pride in the presentation of the store and is always there to help you.

One of the great things about City Flair is that they support Australian designers.

If you can't make it in and need a birthday, kris kringle or any other gift in a hurry you can also shop online just click the link above.  They also gift wrap with the most beautiful wrapping paper.

At City Flair - they aim to please and every customer leaves satisfied. ;)
2 other stores I shop at:

Moss - 7 Union Street Pyrmont

Located in the heart of union square Cute dresses, jackets, tops and jeans. Ask for Jade, she's a sweetie. ;)

 - 197 Harris Street, Pyrmont NSW - WEBSITE

Frou Frou stock woman's clothing and shoes and they make their own unique jewellery.

I LOVE boutique shopping!

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