3 June 2012

WOMAN TO MAN - A few tips for the Fellas

Fellas, I am here to help you. I've been talking to a few of my mates & this is what they needed to know:

1. A REAL woman prefers intelligent conversation over sexual connotation

2. If you are into the girl TELL HER, don't be afraid to put it out there, chances are she feels the same & if she doesn't you'll be OK, we ALL get rejected

4.If you are NOT into her & just want SEX TELL her & allow her to make that choice, you'll end up with less headaches, because you were HONEST

3.MOST woman still like the old fashioned kind of guy

4.The independent woman of today, still wants you be a gentleman & open the door, but they need you to know that they are fine on their own too, they can take care of their own, SO why don't you try sweeping them off their feet? 

5.Try & keep your woman happy because if she's happy you will be happy

6.Be a MAN, not an a$$hole, A REAL MAN, show emotion, talk about your feelings, but handle your business & be tough when you need to be!

7. If you have been in a long term relationship or you are married, and you LOVE her TELL HER!

8. TRY and be open & honest about everything at all times

9. If you are married, honour your commitment but if you feel the need to stray, talk about the reasons why to your wife - Don't be a WIMP and go behind her back - MAN UP

10.Don't text CALL 
Guys I almost guarantee that if you have found yourself a GOOD woman & you do your best to make her smile, she will go to the ends of the earth for you. 

It's that simple & true.


  1. I'm going to be a little bit of Devil's Advocate...All this is well and good, and some things are true in what you say Dear Angel, but what is it that a woman will offer a man? There are times when a woman should surprise her man and sweep him off his feet, no? After all, if he is putting in quality effort and time, then he too should be rewarded, and not just with sex.

    Apart from the intimate connection, what is it that a woman will do to keep her man happy, and to prevent him from straying? A man should be independent enough to cook for his woman (after all, his Mother should have taught him something throughout the years of growing up). Most of the time the woman does the cooking, but a man worth his salt would cook a meal and make it special; and spaghetti Bolognese/cilli con carne doesn't count. Need to be a bit more inventive. Depending where the guy is from, some traditional dishes that he hasn't cooked for her before would be nice. Just saying guys.

    I would also say that women need to be open and honest about things also. Not good to assume that men are not open and honest, as many are and will express their feelings, but some women feel this is a sign of weakness and laugh in their faces. Women, when a man opens up, take it as being something that was probably very hard for him to do and he is more of a man that any other guy you may have encountered. This is needs to be accepted as a sign of strength, not weakness. Encourage this behaviour. Better a man tell you how he feels than you keep saying to your friends "he doesn't talk to me" or "why doesn't he tell me how he feels" when asked by your friends "what are his views on xxxx" where "xxxx" is what you want an opinion on and you don't get it. You may find that communication improves.

    Whether you are married or not, there is a commitment that needs to be honoured. Respect is due from both sides of the coin; male and female. Once this is established, trust can be built and a good foundation made to be true to one another and to make sure that feelings are respected, honoured and "looked after" as it were.

    There are some women out there that only want a man for sex, then end up falling for the guy. Know what you want and what you are getting yourself into. Be honest with yourself and the man you want to deal with, that way he can respect you for being honest and you may just get what you want, depending on the guy in question.

    Just a few things for thought...