28 June 2012

Clinton Charlie's BOOTY HUGGERS


Designer Clinton Charlie
Clinton Charlie, thanks so much for time today. I am really happy to be chatting with you!

I absolutely love your BootyHuggers and wanted to let all the ladies with curves know that there are actually jeans out there that can accentuate their booty and FIT properly.

Clinton, tell us how long have you been in the game?

I've been in the game for close to 5 years.

Where did you come up with the idea to design these booty hugging jeans?
Lots of my female friends love their denim but find it hard to find a great pair. By sampling and perfecting each pair, we now have the BootyHuggers you see today.

What is it that makes the jeans fit and compliment a curvaceous woman’s body?
It’s all about the tailoring the features the pocket placement. And good quality denim.

Without giving away too much, what types of fabrics do you use?
We use just the right amount of stretch and the weight in our jeans our material matches our specific fit. It all blends together very well.

Describe the ideal “BootyHuggers” woman?
The ideal BootyHuggers women likes Australian made and good quality denim like’s the latest denim trends and is confident and cool in what she wears.

How do you want woman to feel in your designs?
Sexy confident curvaceous

Do you primarily focus on Jeans or do you have other ranges?
Yes at this stage denim is our main focus we do plan to expand this line in the future to include shoes and other garments.

What your main inspirations are?
It could be a holiday, a city, a landmark. It could be something that is happening in the world that I find interesting. I take elements from these inspirations and put them into a collection. I’m easily inspired

Other designers you like?
Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs, Tupac these artists inspire a lot of my work

Tell us about your latest collection?
My latest collection of Clinton Charlie BootyHuggers is full of colour and inspired by the colours of our favourite fruits and flavours

Thank you so much for joining us CC, I can’t wait to work it in my BOOTYHUGGERS!

Ladies, good news you can buy Clinton Charlie’s BootyHuggers online at www.clintoncharlie.com

You can also keep up with his new ranges on his Facebook page here 

Girls with curves "Why buy designer jeans that flatten your butt?"

EMBRACE your woman hood and rock on out in the BOOTYHUGGERS too!


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