20 June 2012


DJ Name: DJ Mots

Genre: House,Old & New school R'n'B/Hip-Hop,Afro beats,Soul,Dancehall,Reggaeton

Number of years on the Decks: 3(three)

Any Mixtapes: Current release,''DJ Mots Household-Fusion House Grooves'' 

''Groovy House Selections'' volumes 1 to 3, '' House Rythms'', ''Hip/Hop Jams New & old'' to mention but a few...

First gig:
Coolabar,Sydney,Australia,November 2009..

How did you learn the art: Basically,I've always had an interest in DJ-ing since childhood.Around 2008,I and a couple of friends decided to take up DJ-ing.I felt I had something to offer to the music-lovers in Sydney,Australia.The 1st step was to learn the basics of the art,which took some time.My friend,DJ Mixsta,has been a big influence to my career,as he listened to what I was putting out,and basically helped me to perfect my style over the years,through his advice and honest assessment of my mixing.Mixsta and I are co-partners of our productions/promotions company,Ozzytainment Productions

Do you practice at home: Indeed !! Rule number 1 when it comes to DJ-ing is practice makes perfect.A DJ who does a lot of practice,is always going to deliver very well on the dancefloor.The patrons have a right to hear good-quality music,mixed in a good way for them to enjoy.

Your favourite type of music: House music is my 1st love ! Being a DJ though,you have to deliver what the people love though,and as such,I have a general appreciation for all types of music.From rock & roll,right through to classical music-symphonies & all !

Your favourite track of all time: My favorite track of all time,is Donna Summer's ''Spring Affair''.I love the melodies,and the rhythm-May her dear soul rest in peace.

Your favourite artist of all time Favorite artist of all time is Michael Jackson-He's the greatest entertainer of all time !

Favourite gig:
''Hip/Hop vs South African House'' @ Manhattan Lounge,Sydney,April 2011

Career Highlight: 
I would say the highlight of my career,is working alongside top South African DJs,such as Black Coffee,Culoe de Song,Cndo,Bongz.I would also like to mention that everytime I hear people saying that my set lifted their spirits,it's always a highlight.

How does the music of today compare to when you first started Djing: On the music of today,I would say that it's just getting too commercial.Musicians back in the day put all their heart & soul into the music they made.Today it's all about selling fast.

What can the people expect to hear from you set: What they can expect to hear when I play,is good music ! Music that is uplifting,and that motivates them to dance & be merry

Get out of trouble track (Dance floor clearing, you drop it the crowd jumps up): Jennifer Lopez's ''On the Floor''

What's hot for you right now: B.O.B's ''So good'',Jay Z & Kanye West's ''N****z in Paris'',Culoe de Song's ''African woman'', 

Radio Show: ''Oskido's Church'',YFM South Africa

Places the people can catch you: Sydney clubs ''Club 9elleven'',The Bank Hotel in Newtown,Rios Parramatta


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