27 May 2013

The Voice Australia - Angels top 4

Who's loving The Voice AU? I certainly am.

I love The Voice not only because some of my local friends Michelle Martinez, Rob Edwards & Lady Lyric got their chance to shine on a national and international stage, and it is a great platform for our local artists to showcase their talent, but also because the show arouses so many emotions. One moment you are crying hearing one of the artists major life challenge and then the next you are laughing at Joel Madden's jokes and crazy antics.

Although Keith Urban was a hard act to follow, can I just say I couldn't be happier the gorgeous Ricky Martin joined our coaching panel. Ricky is not only easy on the eye, but he is a true gentleman who only speaks words of beauty! Go RICKY!

After my VIP experience on the first live finals show on Monday, I got to meet most of the top 16 artists.and I had the opportunity to see them perform live at the rehearsals and again at the live show.

So I wanted to publish a post on who I think the top four final artists from each team would be based on my knowledge of the industry. 

Here we go:

Who I'd like it to be: Mitch Anderson

Who I think it will actually be: Harrison Craig

Who I'd like it to be: Kiyomi Vella

I think it will actually be: Michael Paytner

Who I'd like it to be: Miss Murphy

I think it will actually be: Luke Kennedy

Who I would like it to be: Steve Clisby

I think it will actually be: Tim Morrison

What do you think?

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