15 July 2012

Mundine downs Mckart in his American Debut

The "MAN" from down Under Anthony Mundine has shown the world what he is made of in his US boxing debut after downing opponent Bronco McKart by TKO in the 7th round.

Choc entered the arena with his usual theatrics and continued the entertainment in the ring dominating the fight and unloading his powerful right and a series of uppercuts which left Mckart falling  in circles.

All throughout the fight, the commentators commended Choc on his athleticism.  Mundine, looked so strong and could have seriously ended the fight in the second or third round, but he gave the viewers and crowd a show, as only The Man knows how.
Before he left for vegas, The Man told me he was on a mission and he made it known to Floyd Mayweather Snr, who jumped in the ring after the fight. 'I aspire to be the best, everyone should aspire to be the best, and Floyd is the best so I want to work my work my way to him,'' Mundine said. ''I mean no disrespect to Floyd Mayweather Snr, he has taught his son from the crib and he is the man that is behind the real man, but what I am saying is I want to work my way to Floyd."

Once again Anthony has proven his critics wrong and is now on his way to realising a major life goal and dream.  Choc will get his chance at Cotto, Alvarez and Mayweather, there is no doubt in my mind.

Yesterday, he told the world "I'm boxing's best kept secret". Today, it's no secret, the world better be ready as Anthony "The Man" Mundine is about to make history.

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